Off the Edge

Cleric's Log: Mind over matter. If you don't mind......

Arodus 4714

We had that Lich Bastard on the ropes we did! On the ropes and then in a pit! Poof! He was gone. I had a deep feeling of dread that he would be back. Darpan was out, paralyzed by the foul creatures touch. We thought we could rally. We thought we could overcome. After taking our time to search the creatures’ lair, gathering what might help us in a near future battle and gathering what seemed to be the souls of the Varnhold citizens in jars, he returned. It looked as if he had taken not a scratch! We battled the evil cretin again, but it seemed that all was against us. Our attacks were not landing as they had previously. The next thing I see is Az struck stone still by the Lich’s touch. I attempted to ruin its pace by throwing a tanglefoot bag at it, but my aim failed me. Vordakai came at me next and struck home. Even my mighty dwarven fortitude seemed no match for his reinvigorated power as I froze in place. Gordon stepped up and fought valiantly, landing several blows on the creature, but was ultimately paralyzed as we were. My eyes frozen on place, I heard Edrahil state in his matter of fact voice “I will return for you”. I hoped he was telling the truth, as we were all now at the mercy of the evil Lich Vordakai. I pray that our trust in Edrahil is not misplaced.

That cruel son of a bitch placed Az and I in a prime place so we could watch him, paralyzed and unable to look away or even close our eyes. He placed Darpan and Brother Gordon in a kneeling position around the bloodied pool, fitted amongst the other victims. Vordakai taunted us in our helpless states, caressing the scalps of our comrades. Slowly, methodically he carved back their scalps to reveal their bare skulls. I can only imagine the pain they were feeling and knew it would only be a short time before we were to be in their places. After he exposed their skulls he placed his claw on Darpan’s and with a sound that resembled the combination of a breaking bone and popping a cork from a bottle, he removed his top skull. In a near frenzy, Vordakai ‘s methodic demeanor crumbled into a state of vulgar abandon as he devoured Darpan’s brain in front of our unmoving eyes. I think he even released the paralysis the moment he removed his brain just to be sure Darpan left an expression reflecting the moment of extraction. After Vordakai finished his mnemonic meal, he seemed to be in a state of stupor and satiation. He retreated to his throne and began pondering in his Cyclopian language. On what I can only assume was the next morning, he turned his, and our, attention to Brother Gordon. Again he made a display out of the extraction and meal for our horrific benefit. I wondered if he would make me or Az watch for his next meal. I thought of all the citizens of Viridi. I thought of Till. I knew I would not have much time left to think at all….

Just as Vordakai had completed consuming Brother Gordon’s brain, a great commotion occurred outside of the main throne room door. I recognized a magical incantation to banish outsiders to their home plane. Then the doors burst forth and it was none other than the Noman Centaur Tribe with Edrahil in tow! They battled Vordakai to his ultimate death and rescued us from our imminent mental extraction. We were ultimately brought back to the Nomen encampment and cured of our paralysis. We mourned our fallen comrades and our inability to intervene in their horrific deaths. Az and I had survived, and it was due to the sacrifices made by two strangers from a fishing village. We owe them a debt that cannot be repaid. Their remains will be interred as we feel they would have desired. We will ensure that their village has a place of distinction within the kingdom. They will be honored and remembered.

Edrahil proved to us this day that his trustworthiness is genuine, his intent true. Az and I will nominate him to the position of Magistrate within the council. It is the very least we can reward the Elf Mage that risked all to keep his word. For now, Viridi stands safe from a great evil and ready to annex the stalwart people of Varnhold and cover them in her productive and protective wing. We have lost much, but gained even more. We will continue to forge northward to chart the unknown areas between Varnhold and Viridi to secure her borders. After that is done, I believe I need to have a talk with a certain dwarven blacksmith.


Trundell Trundell

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