Off the Edge

Raising what was once torn assunder

Unknown Date

It has been a tumultuous two years in Viridi. We had thought ourselves victors coming home. New Castle had been torn asunder by a Giant, Armored Enraged Owlbear. We quickly took to the task of hunting it down, Azeralius tracking its destructive path. We were able to dispatch the beast, but the origin of the monster was unclear. A recently deceased “druid” or woodsman, torn apart by his charge. A den of a dismembered Owlbear family, a lone cub left alive to starve. What was going on here? Who would train such a creature, let alone armor it? The only path a creature of this magnitude would follow is of war. The assumed trainer was himself a victim, but the corpse was a mere 2 weeks old at best. Who was he working for? Out Kingdom has grown significantly since it’s founding. There are others that may have us in their sights for dominion.

This was not the worst of it.

Svetlanna was taken shortly after we went after the Owlbear scourge. Men from the West, it was said, Blue banner and lead by a woman of flaming read hair. The Viridian Guard took chase after them. There was a return of those that flew under the banner of blue, soldiers of Mivon that spoke of zombies, mind control and the evil that laid within a tower in the middle of Candlemere Lake. When we arrived there was nothing but a giant tree there. The locals, some of whom had rallied to arms in aid of the Guard, spoke of how the old keep turned into that tree overnight. The Viridian Guardsmen had entered the keep prior to its reported transformation. None had returned. It seemed Svetlanna, and the Guardsmen, had been lost.

The loss of Svetlanna was a blow to the kingdom, but none saw more sorrow than old Oleg. His grief was immeasurable, and after months with no leads on Svetlanna or the Guardsmen who went after her, he left the council to mourn. This left the council in fragments. I was able to succeed Svetlanna as the Kingdom’s councelor, and with much persuasion (and a new Academy) we were able to persuade Callisandra to join the Council as Treasurer. I am sure Azeralius will enjoy torturing his lovelorn soul with her proximity.

And then the hits keep coming.

We were able to rebuild Newcastle, now stronger for the addition of the academy. We had many months of prosperity before the low blows came to us. We had some Blight, This caused civil unrest. Zuri was able to maintain order each time. It was when it was discovered that a rash of Magical Item thefts had been linked to Kel Vago that we hit a new low. Theivery from a council member. What more could we take?!

The ensuing months found a steep climb from our sorrowful depths, but climb we did. We have added new monuments to remind us of the past tragedies so as to not repeat in them. The Kingdom is stronger, and the council has been stable. We have even begun expanding our sovereignty again. I have consulted Ng for insight of the past, to find reasoning and purpose to the damaging deeds done. I want to believe that there is something that happened, a different path that the missing Viridian Guard was forced to take; to take with a partially rescued Svetlanna. I have not received any answers to my inquiries, as is the norm for Ng, all will be revealed through patience and faith in those we place it in. We will continue on in our path to forge a just and responsible kingdom. Maybe I can even get a date with Til.


Trundell BlenDinn

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