Off the Edge

Clerics Log Supplimental: Out of the Fire

26 Sarenth 4714

The Varnhold has proven a challenge for us. The Lord Mayor of Navatka’s Crossing finally received word from Restov on our legitimacy. I will have to take heed in this new world of Noble Concept and fragile ego’s. Diplomacy prevailed over subterfuge. We came into Varnhold to find a seemingly deserted town. We befell pit traps at the Fjord, and an aquatic monstrosity that we eventually identified as a Chull. That beast nearly ended my service to Ng, but the party prevailed. As we explored the empty roads we were besieged by a swarm of crows! Murderous they were, as they slashed at us with debilitating effect. Their claw attacks left most of the party blinded. We barely subdues the massless swarms and were forced into holing up in a near by tannery. That night of rest was short lived. With Darpan, the only other member who could see other than myself, on watch, we were besieged by fire on 2 sides of the tannery! Brother Gordon, even in his sightless state, was able to quench the flames with his god’s divine magic. Meanwhile, Darpan and I engaged the attackers, who loosed a barrage of deadly crossbow bolts the size of a sapling! With a Dire Wolf to contend with as well, the Rex and Bob-Cat fought admirably. In the chaos, we were at a great disadvantage but overcame the odds, if not temporarily. In the struggle, we lost Lurk, Zuri’s companion and dear friend. I picked his lifeless body and carried him with us as we fled the area, being shot at by an unknown archer from atop the Fort. It’s skill was impressive as that fortification was 400 plus feet away! We fled the town, and collapsed in a farmer’s shed for the rest of the night. We were able to secure lodging with the Farmer, and were soon able to restore the sight of the other party members. Using other divine magics, Brother Gordon and I were able to prepare Lurk’s body to be properly retained until our return for him. Now, with vengeance in our hearts, we return to the abandoned town. we are ready for them this time, and will hit them with stealth. We will take the fort, and many enemies with it!


Trundell BlenDinn

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