Off the Edge

Azarillius’ letter to the council: (12 Arodus 4713)

Azarillius’ letter to the council:

Ladies and Gentlemen…fellow leaders…We recently had a spy within our midst. Posing as a citizen of our great nation, he was sent by a third party to cause uproar and to attempt to turn our own citizens against us. Some of you may have not been there on that day, so please allow me to bring you up to speed.

My comrades and I had just returned to town from the wilds, and we are greeted by Grigori, the spy I hath mentioned previously. He was spewing garbage and filth from his mouth like soup from a ladle. He was trying to poison the minds of our citizens by saying that we are a wreckless leadership and that we care to adventure more than we care to lead. We countered that our sole purpose for founding this kingdom in the first place was because of our ability to adventure and clear these lands to make safe once and for all. Luckily, after a bit of back and forth, Zuri and I were able to quell him with our words and Faldal with some of his finest ale.

With a little help from our new companion, Kel, who may be a bit mysterious and intimidating at first before you get to know him, we were able to force Gregori to admit his reasons for doing what he did. Kel’s mere presence in the interrogation room no doubt proved once again to be beneficial to the group as I’m sure Gregori has not met a man like Kel face to face many times before. (Grigori executed for crimes against Viridi) Kel continues to prove a worthy ally as he also saved us back at the battle with the werewolf. We were fortunate to even have found Kel, as he went off searching with Dryas a few weeks ago and we weren’t sure if our paths would ever cross again. While we were scouting through the woods we came upon a hostile beast. Lucky for us, that hostile beast was being tracked by Kel, and we were all reunited after the beast was slain. We were not as fortunante to find Dryas, but after speaking with Kel, it doesn’t appear we ever will. Dryas had other plans and intentions for this world. He couldn’t be bothered to be held down by menial tasks such as political office – he sought to spread his wings and fly – to explore and search and battle to sate his appetite for adventure and battle. We can all only wish him the best.

We may have rid the lands of bandits but now it seems where bandits have gone, more and more Monsters and wondrous/supernatural beasts arrive. No sooner had we rid the land of the werewolf, and the strange beast Kel was tracking, we heard reports of a swamp witch who was kidnapping children and who posed a large threat to our blossoming nation. Due to the information we received that a child had RECENTLY gone missing, we knew this was our chance to put a stop to disappearing children in our lands once and for all!

We encountered the swamp witch, who turned out to be nothing more than an old spinster with a penchant for crafting potions. While I can’t say for certain she has never practiced in the dark arts, she was a welcoming host to our group when we approached her to feel her out about the allegations made in her name. She directed us to a crazy hermit – no, not Bokken. Believe it or not, she said this hermit was even CRAZIER; hard to believe, I know.

After encountering the spinster “witch” and the old hermit…We were able to decipher that a group of lizard men in fact MAY be the culprits for the missing kids. It has come to our attention that the Lizards will eat ANYTHING, human beings included.

We have commissioned the elder/crazy hermit to show us how to find the lizard people. We are on our way there now. We do not know what lies ahead, so we are sending this letter and word of our intentions so that you may know of our fate should we not make it. If you do not hear from us in a fortnight, please do not send reinforcements…If we fall on this task, use this as evidence that indeed the Lizard People are a danger and rise a small army or militia before taking task to purge them from this earth. I hope this is an unnecessary precaution…we have every intention of making it out of there alive. But I felt, as your ruler, that I owed you all a warning of what may soon be coming to the end of our blades. All the best…Azarillus


Trundell Trundell

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