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In the heart of the wilderness, the nation grows. Udaren built arounf Oleg’s Outpost is now a bustling town, while the captial New Castle begins to develop. With fey allies in the Narlmarches and even the local Kobold tribe swearing fealty, the Stolenlands are much more secure. Much of the open land of the Greenbelt has given way to farms. Rivers have been bridged and roads built. Hands have been joined in marriage and children born of those unions. Erastil must surely be pleased with their progress.

The PDF for the nation building has three typos in it:
Exotic Craftsma change loyalty +1 to Economy +1
Graveyard strike Economy +1
Barracks cost 6BP
Please keep your noses out of Kingdom events page 64-65 or you’ll be less entertained.

The Fine Print

Exploring the Stolen Lands
Traveling (Time to cross 1 hex)
Party Speed Plains All Other Terrains
15 feet——-11 hours -—16 hours (if using survival to take care of the food & water)
20 feet———8 hours———12 hours (with wagon/caravan)
30 feet———5 hours———-8 hours on horseback (pony limiting speed to 30)
40 feet———4 hours———-6 hours on horesback (no pony)

Double the above if using a road through the terrain

Exploring (Time to fully explore 1 hex)
Party Speed Plains Forest or Hill or Swamp
15 feet 3 days 4 days 5 days -if using survival to take care of the food and water.
20 feet 2 days 3 days 4 days -with wagon/caravan
30 feet 1 day 2 days 3 days – on horseback (pony limiting)
40 feet 1 day 1 day 2 days – no pony

This is a sandbox adventure path and the path is very broad!

20 Build Points. Average starting wealth. Medium track advancement. No hero points. standard crtical threats and confirmations. No fumble fun. Standard wealth. Classes and races and equipment from Core, APG, Ulimate combat or Ulimate Magic. EXCEPT Synth Summoner and we have a gunslinger already. You can download the free player’s guide for Kingmaker for tips and traits.

Dwarf chicks have beards. Deal with it.

If we enter initiative while you are in the middle of the move, the move didn’t happen. I’m launching initiative based on your prior location, not the one I can’t see or never see.

Percentage rolls
Concealment 20% chance to miss: 1-20 on d100 you miss.
Total Concealment 50% chance to miss 1-50 on d100 you miss.
15% chance random encounter 1-15 random happens