Svetlana's Joy

On an Island in Lake Candlemere rises a 300’ tall tree. The locals say the tree grew there overnight even though it would clearly take hundreds of years for an Ironwood to grow to such a lofty height. In late summer the red and green petals of its flowers flutter steadily to the barren ground around it over the course of a week. The villagers call the yearly shower of petals “Our Lady’s Return” but those from Mivon refer to it as “Tellick’s Tears.”

The Lady they speak of is Svetlana Ogleton of the first Viridian Council. Records show that Lady Olgeton was abducted by renegade Mivonese soldiers. The Viridian Guard hunted down the renegades and slew them to the man on the island. The Mivonese insisted that the members of House Tellick involved in the abduction acted on their own while the House Tellick maintained that their men were seduced by a “fairy” into abducting Olgeton. The two nations nearly went to war over the incident. Having lost over fifteen men to a small squad of Viridian Guards, the outcast Swordlords South gained a sudden respect for the upstarts to their North.

If the old Abbott of Erastil from the nearby village hears you inquire about the tree he’ll bend your ear for hours about how an old tower once stood there and how he followed Old Deadeye’s calling to enter the tower dungeon to clear it of its undead host. However he also speaks of flying sharks and Butterfly Toads so you have to consider the source.

Excerpt from “Viridian Folklore Prior to the Age of Reasoning”

Svetlana's Joy

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