Headmistress Clarissa

Headmistress Clarissa runs the school in town. It’s a half day affair with the children coming to class after their morning chores and leaving at lunch. This gives Clarrissa the afternoon to pursue research in the arcane and natural arts. She can brew a variety of magical potions and medicinal potions.

She is familiar with the fungal source of the disease called Blackscour Taint. While the malady is not exceptionally deadly, poor conditions and a general lack of supplies mean that many of the sick—especially the elderly and young—face mortal consequences. Slowly deteriorating, most of the afflicted can hang on for several more days, while the weakest succumb, their number growing daily. Blackscour taint is an ingested disease with an incubation period of 1-3 days. The disease damages the Constitution. Those who are infected develop a hacking cough that quickly turns bloody if the diseaseto is allowed to progress. She believes it would be unlikely that 3 symptomless men would succumb to it overnight.

The Headmistress loaned a mortar and pedestal to Vade or Jabbs she can’t recal which.

Arcana Knowledge…will give counsel for 5 silver.

Black Scour Taint – Tainted Waters – Ingested Disease…Hacking cough; turns bloody. Onset of symptoms you must treat the disease with properly prepared “cure.”

Cure: Ironbloom Mushrooms & Elderwood Moss

Sassone Leaf Residue – Bush contains Sassone Leaf where the juices of the leaf can be distilled into a “Contact Poison.” Weakens constitution, saps strength, significant exposure results in death.

Headmistress Clarissa

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