Off the Edge

Clerics' Log : 18 Gozran 4710

It is refreshing that creatures others may look at as evil and vile are capable of reason. We made contact with the Soot Scale Kobolds with the help of their clan member we rescued from the Mites. Chief Sootscales was quite amiable to hear our proposal, and agreed to ally with us under the charter guidelines, in return for the Idol we found at the mite lair. It seems that they believed it held sway over the clan in the hands of Tartuk, their shaman. No sooner that the received the totem, the chief destroyed it and the clan turned on Tartuk, killing him. We were given anything that was taken by Tartuk, which included Svetlana’s ring! Things seem to be turning around for us as all of this was achieved without (much) violence and with careful thought and planning. Praise Ng! On the return to Oleg’s, we explored a bit and found a strange area not too far from Bokkens’. It was a terrible area of littered remains, centered around a stone. We dared not maintain our presence their, as we needed to get back to Oleg’s and re-fit for further exploration. We keep in mind that the Stag Lord is still to be dealt with. Our path is certain, but the outcome of adventure is unclear. Soon we will see what it will bring.

Clerics' Log : 13 Gozran 4710
Mightier than expected mites......

We almost met Ng yesterday! The Mites may not have been very much of a challenge out in the open, but in a confined space they can be deadly! None of us were expecting a gargantuan centipede to be a guardian. We were fortunate that it was confined to such a small area, otherwise we may have been fertilizing that tree. Even though the leader fled and escaped, we can declare a hard won victory. The lighting of this cavern has revealed a limitation within the others of the party, no Darkvision. I will suggest that the others invest in Ioun Torches as soon as possible, small cost for a torch you need not carry in your hand. I will inquire to Oleg as soon as we are back to do so. The interrogation of the captured Kobold proved to be fruitful. Apparently their leader, Chief Sootscales, is being extorted by the Clan Shaman, a Kobold by the name of Tartuk. Tartuk is using the threat of a yellowing sickness that will overcome the tribe if the “game” is not proliferated. It is my suspicion that the Sorcerer/Shaman is using his magic to inflict some effect if his will is not obeyed. I believe we should attempt to negotiate with the Chief in ridding him of the Shaman and his need for the “game”. If we bring him the totem we found, it may be possible to deal directly with the Shaman and avoid any further bloodshed. In return, we would want the tribe to follow our law. We shall see what comes of it.

Mite Lair

Mite Lair

! 243)!

Not sure why that’s not working (Fixed a link to it – Bart). But I added the image as a map too.

Top space: Workshop, other than a pair of make shift ctapults made of twigs and bones, nothing found.

next down:
The wet-looking floor of this large cavern is crisscrossed by several shallow trenches, each containing trickles of putrid looking fluid. Six foul mounds of compost and dung lie heaped
about the room, each studded with small spherical eggs. You need to tcare of 3 giant centipedes there and then destroy the eggs of the others.

Bottome row, left to right:
THe totured kobold and his dead friends. “takesies” seems to have become mighty rough!

Chasm: nada

Next space: Rows of wooden pegs line the earthen walls, some hung with tiny, filthy cloaks. In the center of the room stands a rickety table held together with twine, covered with a filthy redchecked tablecloth and heaped with mounds of dirt and twigs and gravel, apparently arranged to form some sort of map. (knowledge grography check please) Sitting at the edge of the map, weighing down a scrap of paper, is a bloodstained ivory statuette of what looks like a crouching reptilian devil. A bulging burlap sack sits under the table.

The paper weighed down by the statuette is an accounting of the status of the war, as defined by key pieces of stolen treasure. Written in charcoal in Undercommon, the paper consists of two columns, one labeled “Us” and one labeled “Them.” The “Us” column lists only two things: “kobold statue” and “lots of spears and coins.” The “Them” column lists “magic dust,” “lots of coins” and “shiny human ring.”

The burlap sack contains the mites’ treasure, much of which has been looted from slain kobolds. Within are 12 Small spears, 193 cp, 120 sp, and 32 gp.

Final space: This damp room is haphazardly cluttered with broken beds, chairs, wagon wheels, and an assortment of worn, tattered, dingy, and broken objects pilfered or salvaged
from big folk. A row of bookcases stands crookedly propped against the far wall, the shelves filled with bits of bone, feathers, and dried centipede legs. Old window frames, cracked and splintered, hang upon the wall like works of fine art.

Griant whiptail centipede rendered.

Clerics' Log : 9 Gozran 4710
Not so mighty mites......

This evening , Zuri and I were assaulted by a gang of the mites that reportedly stole from the bandits. They took a cowardly approach from the shadows, but Zuri’s acute senses detected their impending treachery. We battled them fiercely and with great effect, as their piercing darts did strike home (note to self, look for some lighter armor for sleeping in) their effects were not threatening. They made strange faces at us during the conflict. It must have been something they ate, for it only made them more tantalizing to crush with my Dorn-Dargar! I felled a full 4 of them, with Zuri only getting one and a half; the half we later interrogated. With help from the ever benign Ng, I was granted the power to speak to the little blue knot (who spoke a variant of undercommon, a language I should have known). He stated there were 10 or so others in the tree burrow that was revealed to us by the bandits. They have a “strong” leader that rides some sort of large insect. They call the stealing of property and kidnapping of others as the “Takesies Game”. Apparently they had recently ripped off a local Kobold tribe, like the ones we had encountered, and taken a prisoner and an Idol that the scales seem to worship. We explained how we were vassals of a “Great King” who forbade in participation of the “Game”. He seemed to hear our words and even placed question into our enforcement of our laws. We could not, by logical definition, restrain this creature from going about its’ business as it violates the “No Takesies” rule that we wish to bind it by. In the light of this strangely effective argument from a creature that cannot count his own digits with accuracy, we compromised to let him leave our charge. He agreed to hold up in a hiding spot half way between the camp and his clan’s burrow. We collected some “food” for it to stay there for 5 days, allowing us ample time to confront his leader. It will be interesting to see if we are able to subjugate the “native” creatures in this region in a peaceful manner to our laws. Can Kobolds be reasoned with? I would never have known a Mite could be.

Az Journal Entry

Wow, what excitement. This is even better than I could have possibly imagined. We have already seen a lot of action on our journey. We thought the gypsy rouse was the worst thing that could happen to us. To the contrary, our party was close to falling at our last battle at the thieves camp. I was lucky enough to wiggle between the fallen tree’s branches and pull Faldal from harms way. This seemed to turn the tide, as he was able to heal the party. And yet again, Zuri laid to waste the leader of the party with a swift bullet to the neck. It appears he is becoming quite the marksman (if he wasn’t so already). I feel that fortunes have smiled upon us connecting Restinal and I with Zuri and Faldal. While we didn’t all mesh well at first, I truly feel like we are starting to work together well as a team. If we can keep this up, I suspect there could be much gold for all of us in the long run. I am writing this on our journey back to Oleg’s. It’s been a rather uneventful trip thus far. Other than some nice weather and a family of elk that passed us by, we haven’t seen much of anything. Although, I certainly can not complaint about that! My thoughts are filled with trying to create a strategy to take down the Stag Lord using his alcohol that he is expecting. However, I don’t know if as a team we are quite ready for that, in spite of our working better together. To embark on such an ambitious quest is a charge better suited for a team that has worked together a LITTLE longer. Lord knows we have enough to keep us busy where we are now; what with all the exploration left and more pressing, we know that the mites have Olegs lovely wifes ring. Something tells me we will cover a bit more ground before trying to tangle with the stag lord. And I can’t say that that is a bad idea at all.

Inter Session

Azarilliusand Restinal saddle up and with some words of encouragement face the ride back to Oleg’s while Faldal Glandar and Zuri set up camp in the former bandit camp.

Clerics' Log : 6 Gozran 4710
mmmmmm, Bacon!

Well that Bokken is a real character I’ll tell ya. Crazier than a Bullette in a lake! His healing potions are rock solid though. I don’t think we would be here today if we hadn’t bought a number of them. We walked right into the waiting arms of that Kressel and her gang. We were as good as pincushions being in the wide open like that. Probably more of my fault though, horses and Dwarves do not make a quiet match! It was the best I could do to get that mist up to keep them from laying us low. That Zuri though, he sure knows how to make an impression on the enemy. If we can follow up better on his explosive entrances, we will be most formidable indeed! Az and Restinal performed admirably in the face of such an unexpectedly accurate foe. I only wish I could have done more for Restinal, he deserved better aid from me. Az saved my bacon (mmmmmm, bacon…..) allowing us to turn the tide of the battle. We rest for now and make plans on getting back Oleg’s goods to him, as well as the flora that Svetlana wanted us to find. 250 gold credit with Oleg will go a long way toward outfitting ourselves for this grand journey ahead. I feel we must follow up on some of the more lucrative leads before trying to handle the Stag Lord. Drunken as they say, I am sure he will still be a tough fight. I like the Az’s idea of “delivering” the booze to him in a ruse to get in close. I feel it may work to our advantage. Getting back Svedlana’s ring I believe is of grater importance though, as a 1000 GP credit with Oleg will help us better outfit the rest of the party for the Stag Lord fight (maybe a curing wand perhaps?). We will have to see what avails us with those “mites”. Gonna have to have Az and Zuri do some research on them before we go there, and a stop a Bokken’s for more healing. That reminds me, I need to get with Oleg about brining in some barrels of ale…..

Clerics' Log : 1 Gozran 4710

The Green Belt ….the final frontier……

It was good be once again in battle! Showing up those bandits went well, even if one did get away. The troup peformed well for our first real scuffle. I have to say that Zuri impressed me with his catching of Happs Bydon , I thought he had escaped us for sure. After striping and selling all of the bandit’s gear, we should be able to fund our explorations more effectively. I wasn’t sure we would ever see Oleg “happy”, but I am almost sure I saw him smile as he strung up the felons outside of the post. Now we just need to track down his mistress leader Kressle; I am sure it will not be an easy task. I believe I will speak to Oleg about how we came to be here, as I feel he may have mistaken our arrival for that of others he was expecting. I do not want any doubts to be in his mind of our intentions, and feel that honesty is our best policy. We will attempt to meet with the hermit Bokken after we have dealt with the remaining bandits. I do have concern over this “Elk Lord” that Happs mentioned. I feel his acquaintance will soon be met, more violently than he would most likely prefer. I will have to put in an order for ale with Oleg now that our coin is flowing. One can’t think quickly on one’s feet while the mind is worried over one’s supply of ale…..

Clerics' Log : 5 Pharast 4710
June 13th, 2012

Well we finally got that no good Constable. After Captain Hannis Drelev put Zuri in the hoosegow for being involved with our foolish “Gypsy Scheme”, we were fortunate to have been given 24 hours to prove our case to the Captain and save Zuri’s neck. I have to say that it was worth the ale put in to Payday for his lead on the Sassoon Bush that Kreed had stumbled out of next to Farmer Vade’s home. With the Headmistress verifying that cuttings from that bush would yield a very potent contact poison,it was the break we needed. Following that, the good natured/“light trouser” store keep supplied us with a record of Kreed’s Purchase of a small camping cook-set (perfect for providing a small controllable flame for the creation of the contact poison) and Till’s information on the unwanted advances the Leader of the deceased group toward Peaches, was all we needed to obtain a warrant to search the Boar. We not only found a dried leaf from the bush under one of the beds, but the discovery of a book in the sitting room with a page marked explaining the toxicity of the Sassoon Bush was the straw that broke Peaches’ ever-plump back. She confessed to assisting Kreed with his plan to kill the Adventuring group with the contact poison, and gave him up without much fuss swearing it was all Kreed’s idea. Kreed is now headed for the gallows, Zuri has been cleared, and now we have an even greater boon! The Captain turned over the Writ that Zuri was to deliver to our group! Ng must be watching over us for such an exploratory experience to be revealed to us. Now we have the law on our side,and we are to settle the lands of the Greenbelt. Off we go to Oleg’s Trading Post! ( I will need to bolster my Ale reserves for this trip……)

Cleric's Log: Sun Date ............

What a disastrous day. If the ale this morning hadn’t been so refreshing, the day would have been a total loss. The greatest regret I have is for not maintaining a steel mind and commitment to conscience. That blasted “Gypsy Ruse” was a poor plan, and I should have never participated in the deception of legal land owners. After everything, not only is the constable rushing us out of town before we can further investigate this recently uncovered plot involving a quick death by a slow killer, but Ms. Peaches won’t say word one to me directly. Alas, I feel that I have especially let down our new comrade, Zuri. He puts up a hard shell, but like a snail (cooked in drawn butter with a hint of bitter root and….mmmmm) is more likely soft and ambiguously focused on the inside, in need of a direction. I feel that I can help him, as the great Ng has shown me the way of thought in my traveling, revealing to me an ever increasing evolution of my own path. Tomorrow I will offer atonement for my transgressions to Ng by giving oath to travel back with him to return his charge, to give aid during the travel. I will follow regardless of his answer, as atonement is a serious matter, and must be followed through regardless of mortal circumstance. Maybe I can convince him to travel through the other farmer’s land….just to put an eye to it. Of the other two, they seem well-natured but also misguided. If Zuri says no to my offer, maybe they will follow with me to atone as well. The both seemed to desire his approval as well. Now, where is my flagon…..?


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