Off the Edge

Cleric's Log: More Questions than answers.
30 Sarenth 4714

Vanquishing that Crossbow wielding Fey was sweet indeed!. The Baron and Zuri tracked him down to some caves in the mountain range between The Varnhold and Viridi. The battle was decisive, but the varmint’s swing almost laid Darpan low! That boy is truly hard to kill, much to his fortune. We were able to capture the creature, and amongst his “belongings” were the looted valuables from the Settlement, along with a fine magic Longbow of Centaur construction and the Crest Sword of the Varn Family. We dragged the captured Fey back to the settlement and found him a nice cozy cell. We took the rest of our day and went through the other buildings in the town.

It was interesting how many of the buildings had been rifled through, but others had not. We found fortune, by Erastil’s hand says Brother Gordon, within the temple in the form of many curative and restorative scrolls. The Inn was the strangest source of clues though. We found one of the giant sized Fey all aglow, frozen in place with the back of his head caved in. It held a book, one of many on the table before him. We looked through them and realized that they were books that would have been valuable to a certain Arcane Scholar we ere looking for along this quest. The scholar was researching the Noman Tribe of centaurs. His room had not been touched, not violently rifled through like some of the many other locations in Varnhold. There was reference of a Bracer(let?) that was of value to the Noman Tribe. It may have been in the Scholar’s posession. We found “noman” scratched with a dagger or other implement on the outer wall of the Inn. We had suspect that the Centaurs may have been involved in the abject carnage here, in league with these Fey. It was when we realized that the tanning hides at the tannery were not that of horses, but of Centaurs, that they were not in league with the Fey. It is my feeling that the Centaurs may have arrived within the same time frame as the assault from the Fey. I even have deep suspicion that the scholar may have been the primary target of the Noman Tribe of Centaurs, made probable by his possession of this Bracer(let?).

We are all most troubled with the lack of human bodies, dead or alive. Where are they? According to a Cat in the Potters house, they all left and never returned. Where did they go? What can the Noman Centaurs reveal? We will have to search them out to find these answers. I feel we are up to the task. The poor judgements and ragged tactics that have plagued not only myself, but the entirety of the group seem to be of the past. Our communication has improved, our leadership reinforced, our goals have clarified. I am confident our journey will reveal more, but again generate more questions with the answers.

Clerics Log Supplimental: Out of the Fire
26 Sarenth 4714

The Varnhold has proven a challenge for us. The Lord Mayor of Navatka’s Crossing finally received word from Restov on our legitimacy. I will have to take heed in this new world of Noble Concept and fragile ego’s. Diplomacy prevailed over subterfuge. We came into Varnhold to find a seemingly deserted town. We befell pit traps at the Fjord, and an aquatic monstrosity that we eventually identified as a Chull. That beast nearly ended my service to Ng, but the party prevailed. As we explored the empty roads we were besieged by a swarm of crows! Murderous they were, as they slashed at us with debilitating effect. Their claw attacks left most of the party blinded. We barely subdues the massless swarms and were forced into holing up in a near by tannery. That night of rest was short lived. With Darpan, the only other member who could see other than myself, on watch, we were besieged by fire on 2 sides of the tannery! Brother Gordon, even in his sightless state, was able to quench the flames with his god’s divine magic. Meanwhile, Darpan and I engaged the attackers, who loosed a barrage of deadly crossbow bolts the size of a sapling! With a Dire Wolf to contend with as well, the Rex and Bob-Cat fought admirably. In the chaos, we were at a great disadvantage but overcame the odds, if not temporarily. In the struggle, we lost Lurk, Zuri’s companion and dear friend. I picked his lifeless body and carried him with us as we fled the area, being shot at by an unknown archer from atop the Fort. It’s skill was impressive as that fortification was 400 plus feet away! We fled the town, and collapsed in a farmer’s shed for the rest of the night. We were able to secure lodging with the Farmer, and were soon able to restore the sight of the other party members. Using other divine magics, Brother Gordon and I were able to prepare Lurk’s body to be properly retained until our return for him. Now, with vengeance in our hearts, we return to the abandoned town. we are ready for them this time, and will hit them with stealth. We will take the fort, and many enemies with it!

A lot to process for Az

My old friend Faldal has certainly gotten us into a pickle this time…As I sit here, alone, in our three story structure that Anando secured for us in Nivitka’s Crossing, I can’t help but think his course of action should have been more discussed with the group. Granted, I am certain that discussion would have turned into a never ending sword measuring competition, so perhaps there is something to be said for his prompt decision making in the face of the unknown.

I’ve been running these facts over and over again in my head all day. A city has everyone vanish randomly…nobody can reach them…messengers aren’t returning…I can’t help but worry that this situation will not be a simple scouting mission. I fear the danger that awaits. I hope our new brothers in arms are capable of handling such a serious threat. Brother Gordon showcased some fine healing ability for sure after our battle with those two giant creatures of the forest. And Darpan agility and fist fighting appears to be second to none; however, my instincts tell me that this situation requires a lot more than raw ability. My instincts tell me that there is still some unknown variable at play that we know little or nothing about.

There has been talk about the Centaurs. That these Centaurs stick together and that they are very territorial. Who is to say that these Centaurs had no impact on what happened. Then, of course, there is the outside political forces that could have played an interest. We know only of our neighbors to the North and East…What about the South? Who call south of our borders home? Did all of our expansion spook them; could our kingdom suffer the same fate as these poor souls sooner rather than later? This is but another reason to be expeditious in our search for answers.

Or worst yet…if not Minotaur, if not political adversary, could it be possible, that something from another realm, or a magical beast, or something unexplainable had a hand? For ALL of these people to vanish without a trace, certainly something magical or otherworldly could have had a hand. It is all these questions and thoughts that have been racing through my mind all day.

And if that wasn’t enough, I have to ask myself why Faldal is behaving the way he is…we have just taken on two religious and serious men of faith…It didn’t appear that had any interest in imbibing and it seems they are all business. Don’t get me wrong, nobody enjoys a fine wine as much as I, but in matters of business and diplomacy there is no room for jest. I would think that after years of serving the high council, we would all have a mutual understanding of this fact.

And if the drunken debauchery and borderline peer pressure wasn’t enough to sour the taste in our new friends mouths, I am confident that Faldal’s deception of the city guards would be enough to turn any pure mans stomach. Even Zuri was turned off by this act and was quick to approach his fellow Sheriff with greetings and tidings.

I understand Faldal’s concerns and why he did what he did, however, I think now that we have a duty to a nation, we need to be more careful in how we handle things. This could have serious ramifications diplomatically if they find out we deceived them. They will undoubtedly question our desires and intents; no doubt we would simply come clean about the disappearances, however, what is to stop them from thinking WE are responsible for said disappearances. We have been expanding at a RAPID pace, and if we have now lied to get ourselves inside their walls, isn’t this a reasonable conclusion for any leader to deduce?

And I trust Zuri had no choice but to approach the Sheriff if he was recognized, but if he was not, his loyalties should lie to the group, even if Faldal was in the wrong. Family first, that’s always been my motto. Was it born out of the fact that my father abandoned me and my adopted family treated me as if one of their own and loved me unconditionally…maybe. But if you don’t have peoples back who have yours, what else could you possibly have? Right then wasn’t the time to show annoyance with Faldal or cripple his ruse with introductions…I kept my head down and kept to myself once his charade had begun…because he is my fellow councilmen, my friend and most importantly my family. However, when this is over, the council needs to convene to discuss future order of command for decisions such as this. We can’t have any member just speaking up in diplomatic situations and then the rest of us back peddling or angry or resentful…it just can’t work that way.

And the icing on this proverbial kobold droppings cake is the fact that we have gathered no intel or clues or leads on the missing brother we seek to find OR the empty fort we passed through. It appeared as though Zuri was interrogating a young half elf female, but he hardly seemed interested in the conversation. He seemed preoccupied with his own thoughts and the girl didn’t have the desire or inclination to stick around and spoon feed him what he sought. I hope she wasn’t a person of important – you never know what Zuri can find out from his contacts…nothing that man ever does is by accident, so I have a feeling she was someone of import.

I guess at the end of the day, the one positive we can take away from all of this is the fact that we fought together beautifully as a cohesive unit. I hope our poor decision making later in the day doesn’t reflect poorly to Darpan or Brother Gordon. I felt inclined to pull up a seat and reassure our new friends that it was a bad day and we are normally more on our game. Also, I advised Brother Gordon to not hold the drink against Faldal, that he has a heart of gold and would give you the shirt off his back. And isn’t that truly what most of the various god’s judge us by? Who am I to say…I am a bastard of nobility who isn’t even sure what god to believe in. The god of unwanted children…the god of gold and reputation – what man would put gold and titles above his own sons…apparently my father would…pitiful man. I may have had too much ale myself, I find this to be one of those bitter nights I have at my “would be” father.

As I finish writing this, I have to smile at the site of Faldal attempting to convince patrons to go and seek out our comrades for us (Az has a big grin and chuckles)…imagine this very serious, (laughs), very drunk dwarf, staring you straight in the eyes, well, as straight as he could at that point (laughing)…just staring right through you and pleading with you to do his bidding for free beer…hahaha…I thought it would never work and once again he proved me the fool…”Az, there is al(hiccup), always someone willing to do a little work for a little bit of al(hiccup), ale.”

Glorious returns and new challenges
24 Sarenth 4714

A Glorious Day! Svetlanna has been returned safe and sound by the guardsmen that we thought had surely been lost. They traveled weeks in the First World, whose time stream is apparently much different than ours as they were gone for 2 years in our eyes. Their perilous journey was not without loss however, Voshgurvigol Kek was lost in the journey. His sacrifice, and the heroic return of Svetlanna will be forever remembered in an annual festival on the 20th of Sarenth. During our festive rejoice Arnando brought forth a letter from the Sword Lords.

The letter spoke of how there had been a loss of communication with the Varnhold in the East, and that it was imperative to go and investigate what is happening there. We decided to let this news sit until the festival had wound down. Days later we went forth to the North East with our newly minted heroes of Svetlanna’s Rescue; Darpan, Brother Gordon, and Dawntreader.

We traveled through Fort Serenko and found it evacuated. Further travel to the eastern town of Navatka’s Crossing finally revealed a population. Since we were in such a large caravan, and Azeralius , whom is the Baron of Viridi, was traveling with us I decided to focus our reason for arrival on a lesser venture. I have been wanting to expand the Stag-Killer Label for many years now, as all of the brews have become popular in Viridi. I spoke to the guards as to this expansion being our reason for arriving in Navatka’s Crossing. It gained us entry, but Zuri was not overly pleased with the perceived subterfuge. I assured him that while I did not represent our highest reason for coming there, I did not misrepresent in the reason I did give the guards. Better to be subtle than announce the arrival of the Barron of Viridi! (and we surely want to avoid another Gypsy Ruse incident)

We continued to the Tavern where we made ourselves at home in the usual manner. I wanted to keep up the guise of our secondary intent to be in town, and to stir up interest in my ales! There were a few stories we found from the locals about some Centaurs that had been resisting the settlement of this land. I regret to think that the settling pioneers of this region were not as discrete as we were in settling Viridi. It may be costing them more in problem than a negotiated solution would have. After stirring up the tavern, I left to observe the town and it’s residences. I could not help but notice the absence of Darpan and Brother Gordon.

Darpan is a chiseled form of a man, a follower of Irorri, and a formidable unarmed fighter. Brother Gordon is a priest of Errastil. They hail from a small fishing village next to the Candlemere. They have bonded through adversity, and I understand the distance they maintain from the rest of us, with the exception of Dawtreader who weathered the same adversities. I appreciated that Darpan made the effort to at least try my ale. I am unsure if he understands what honor and pride I hold toward my craft. His agreement to share a toast with me garners much respect from me, as from what I understand about Irorri, it is not something he partakes in. I will have to see about creating a less fortified brew for his tastes. Maybe something derived from a a natural root instead of grain. As we have settled Viridi, I have grown great respect toward the followers of Errastil. They are always careful of their link with the land, generally good and endeared to be trustworthy. I am sure that Gordon will emulate the same qualities, and that we may be able to forge a solid working relationship as the tenants of our gods have overlap.

Tonight we bed down in what may be the last safe night spent indoors. I intend to ask of the abandoned fort in the morning, now that our presence in town has settled in. I am hopeful that our journey will be swift and fruitful, but I am to aware that we face a an uphill challenge with what is to come. At least we may find the missing boy from Udaren, at most we could be walking into a range war. The future, always in motion it is.

Raising what was once torn assunder
Unknown Date

It has been a tumultuous two years in Viridi. We had thought ourselves victors coming home. New Castle had been torn asunder by a Giant, Armored Enraged Owlbear. We quickly took to the task of hunting it down, Azeralius tracking its destructive path. We were able to dispatch the beast, but the origin of the monster was unclear. A recently deceased “druid” or woodsman, torn apart by his charge. A den of a dismembered Owlbear family, a lone cub left alive to starve. What was going on here? Who would train such a creature, let alone armor it? The only path a creature of this magnitude would follow is of war. The assumed trainer was himself a victim, but the corpse was a mere 2 weeks old at best. Who was he working for? Out Kingdom has grown significantly since it’s founding. There are others that may have us in their sights for dominion.

This was not the worst of it.

Svetlanna was taken shortly after we went after the Owlbear scourge. Men from the West, it was said, Blue banner and lead by a woman of flaming read hair. The Viridian Guard took chase after them. There was a return of those that flew under the banner of blue, soldiers of Mivon that spoke of zombies, mind control and the evil that laid within a tower in the middle of Candlemere Lake. When we arrived there was nothing but a giant tree there. The locals, some of whom had rallied to arms in aid of the Guard, spoke of how the old keep turned into that tree overnight. The Viridian Guardsmen had entered the keep prior to its reported transformation. None had returned. It seemed Svetlanna, and the Guardsmen, had been lost.

The loss of Svetlanna was a blow to the kingdom, but none saw more sorrow than old Oleg. His grief was immeasurable, and after months with no leads on Svetlanna or the Guardsmen who went after her, he left the council to mourn. This left the council in fragments. I was able to succeed Svetlanna as the Kingdom’s councelor, and with much persuasion (and a new Academy) we were able to persuade Callisandra to join the Council as Treasurer. I am sure Azeralius will enjoy torturing his lovelorn soul with her proximity.

And then the hits keep coming.

We were able to rebuild Newcastle, now stronger for the addition of the academy. We had many months of prosperity before the low blows came to us. We had some Blight, This caused civil unrest. Zuri was able to maintain order each time. It was when it was discovered that a rash of Magical Item thefts had been linked to Kel Vago that we hit a new low. Theivery from a council member. What more could we take?!

The ensuing months found a steep climb from our sorrowful depths, but climb we did. We have added new monuments to remind us of the past tragedies so as to not repeat in them. The Kingdom is stronger, and the council has been stable. We have even begun expanding our sovereignty again. I have consulted Ng for insight of the past, to find reasoning and purpose to the damaging deeds done. I want to believe that there is something that happened, a different path that the missing Viridian Guard was forced to take; to take with a partially rescued Svetlanna. I have not received any answers to my inquiries, as is the norm for Ng, all will be revealed through patience and faith in those we place it in. We will continue on in our path to forge a just and responsible kingdom. Maybe I can even get a date with Til.

Prisoner Tellick

Dawntreader finds his riding companion increasingly chatty as the party travels on:

“Well the last thing I rightly remember was bedding down along the East Sellen.”

“Nah not in the stolenlands or this puppet hand of Restov ya callin’ Viridi, it was in Mivon. We were on patrol, it being House Tellick’s honor. An honor taken a blade point from House Lebeda”

“Yeah straight away I’m a Tellick but third removed from line of succession. I’m the second son of the second son of Siron Tellick. I’ve bet’a chance of ruling Pitax as leading house Tellick and far more walks to the fish ponds than I could stomach to rule Mivon itself.”

“Your friend there, the one with the Aldori blade, did he steal that or has he the honor of the dueling code.”

“We’ll then I can’t imagine more of an insult than to be the prisoner of a Rostlander. If he honors the blade he’d permit me a duel for my freedom.”“Yeah well death or freedom, what else is there? To ride bitch back to Mivon would be a daily death I’d soon not face.”

Dizzying Highs, Terrifying Lows (22 Lamashan 4713)
And I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

Trolls. They had taken a lookout founded out of the cliffs by my dwarven brethren. We thought to have had the drop on them, but the battle turned sour quickly. Our cock sure attitude was what got us into trouble. We were in a bad way and had not even pierced the main entrance! We quickly reconnoitered just outside on the cliff wall, and I was able to get some much needed healing to the group. Once rallied, we took down the remaining entrance guards and their troll dogs. After torching the bodies to assure they remained dead, we quickly came up with a plan of action to root the rest of the brood. With Kel in the lead, then myself, Zuri, Az and Bobcat taking the rear we went room to room looking for more trouble. We found what was left of a halfling on a table. Poor bastard looked like he had a time of it before his end. A quick search of a few more rooms reveled a vast chamber of stores. Wood, cloth and other building implements filled the room, which gave way from the perfect dwarven stone engineering, to a hack job tunnel burrowed out of the rock looking like a giant child had made it. We carefully further explored and cam upon a 3 way tunnel with two more trolls to the north. We jumped into formation and they followed suit as planned, bottle-necking the doorway so Kel could hack away at it, while the others hit is hard from range. We felt we had them where we wanted them, but suddenly a great two headed beast came from the east catching Zuri in a bad spot! Zuri made his way out of the ugly beasts’ grasp, but took many hits from it and the trolls along the way. What seemed to be the leader appeared in the cavern with the two other trolls, but the two trolls seemed to have a great fear of this bi-cranial beast, as they hesitated to assist in the fight against us. Following our plan, we and made a fighting retreat to the far end of the sore room. There we pitched our next battle, with all of us landing enough hits to take the two headed troll down, and the other two trolls just on its heels. With a coordinated attack we set the store room ablaze, arresting the trolls healing ability in the process. After securing the rest of the structure, the blazing storeroom as our temporary guard, we decided to head back into the tunnels. I used my divine abilities and cleared a safe path through the flaming storeroom with summoned water. It was not long before we found an intersection that exposed the lair of the leader and another troll variety we had never seen. This new creature looked as if it were made of stone itself. Fortunately our tactics felled the great beast swiftly. Not a moment after we dropped the stone beast, the leader gathered a magic bead and threw it upon our location. the bead exploded with fiery force that sent us reeling. I used more divine power to bolster out party’s health. We then Charged the leader, with Az leading the charge. In moments we had it surrounded and soon in many pieces. We bathed it and the other rock troll in fire to staunch their healing powers. Using my knowledge of healing, I observed that the rock troll did not seem to have the same weakness to fire the others did. I only had one other option in our alchemical arsenal; Acid. With one application, it was obvious that it did share it’s brethren’s weakness for Acid, to our luck of course. We cleared the rest of the complex, and in doing so discovered a map of the green belt with our cities and settlements marked for attack! There were many Fey locations that were marked as well, but to be left alone. This was most curious,and I planned to take this information up with our Fey allies in the forest.

Outside of the few setbacks in the beginning, the group wan on a high of success. Routing the Trolls meant another threat to our kingdom was put down, and we could return to New Castle as victors. Someone was out for us though, the map made that clear. I had hoped to do some research on the matter. Then we saw it; smoke on the horizon. New Castle had been razed.

The destruction was vast and unfathomable. Fields burned, homed destroyed, but the worst loss was intolerable. The Town hall had been set to ruin, but the most devastating shock was the loss of the Castle itself. Our crowning trophy of the Stag Lord’s defeat and the prosperity of our kingdom laid in ruin. It was hours before we could get any of the commoners to speak of the incident as most were in shock from the attack. Finally, some came to their senses long enough to tell us what had transpired. A Giant Owlbear, armored and frenzied had smashed its way thorough the forest and into New Castle leaving a wake of decimation in its path. The trail through the forest was so blatant that a newborn elf could have followed the trail. An ARMORED Owlbear. They do not don fabricated protection on their own. Whomever made the map at the Troll lair was behind this, of that I am sure. Trolls are never that organized, not for raiding parties that purposely avoid Fey settlements. If anything they would target the Fey with a preference I would think. Regardless, we will rest and re-supply, garner aid to the people, and then head out in search of this creature and it’s master. I am generally one of even tone and rational action, but not today. We will bring this mysterious attacker to justice; street justice. Soon we will reveal ourselves to the enemy. Soon we will have our revenge.

Mudluk musings (15 Lamashan 4713)

Mudluk liked the way this one looked, it being part wet and part dry, like when he squeezed that stuff out of the little Halfing. His stomach gurgled at the thought of food. Food is down stairs and Mudluk is up here on stupid watch. He feared Turdik would feed what was left of the Halfling to the hounds if given the time. Turdik loved his hounds too much. Fresh meat should be for the masters not the hounds. He sighed and extended his arm into a shaft of daylight admiring the glistening creation stuck the tip of his claw. The nonstop bickering between Gamit and Stolud echoed up the dark staircase reinforcing his isolation. His back ached from being hunched over. He scraped off his sculpture on the sill carefully lining it up with his past efforts. The light sliced into the room at about knee height casting long shadows on trash strewn floor. From outside the opening appears to be the dark shadow of an overhanging rock near the apex of the cliff. The chiseled out stone aperature permitted a commanding view of a long forgotten ancient trading route and the approach to the outpost itself. That is if Mudluk would bend over and look out rather than marvel over the production of his nostrils.

Whoa....That was close...

“Death smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back.”

No doubt, throughout the annals of time and history, that quote will be misattributed to some other man; But let it be known that on this night…the night that I, Lord Azarillius almost lost his life, I smiled back at the evil Fey Grimstalker and his Assassin Vine who attempted to cut my life short. They would have succeeded too if not for my great friend Faldal. He always has my back, and for that I am forever grateful.

My ears could not believe what they would soon hear about a tawdry and licentious seductress who manipulated my comrades with the shaking of her hips. Apparently she stood atop the center tower of the fort and used her wiles and magic to make Zuri and Kel all but useless. My cat, try as he might, could not damage the harlot, so he took to a common house cats trick, and tripped her up…this caused the three of them to tumble down the stairs, but nevertheless caused the trance to be broken!

This adventure was doomed from the start, when Faldal was trapped into getting separated from us at the gate. Alas, I was the last party member to gain entry via a rope and grappling hook over the wall. It resulted in us, yet agayne, being split up as a party, which none of us supports. I guess you can never really plan for true battle regardless of how many times you prepare.
A strange and speedy creature of unknown origins but I suspect Fey like his two counterparts, was running all over the place, stabbing us with what can only be described as a common pin needle. He escaped our wrath and his whereabouts is unknown today. I liked Faldal’s plan to lock him in the tower, but I had a bad feeling that he being familiar with this location, would find a way out…and indeed he did.

Our team was truly tested today…both in physical battle and in spirit. We almost met our makers today, especially yours truly. I can only hope we learn from this experience and continue to improve as we have over the last great years of knowing each other. When we return to the Kingdom, we should hold a meeting on future tactics and perhaps have some training sessions with Akiros as he seems like a man fit and becoming of a military strategist.

Now, I must get out of this makeshift hospital bed and join my brothers by the fire. I only hope Faldal hasn’t drank all the ale!

Return of the Baron (1 Rova 4713)

(three more updates at bottom)

Taking a direct route home, crossing the fetid swamps of the Murque River and the sparser east edge of the Narlmarches, the leaders of Viridi return to Newcastle. Still scratching at bites and rashes despite a long hot soak they assemble in council chambers for the business of the realm:

General Garess reports that training in arms progresses well and that his squads trained in skiffs in anticipation of confronting Lizardfolk. He’s relieved to learn that the Baron’s requested preparations are not currently needed but concedes they are proper lessons for a nation of so much water.

High Priest Kavken repots that Erastil’s favor has brought many healthy children after the cold winter and the favorable summer yielded healthy crops that will soon be reaped. In particular he believes the harvest of the Foxtail Barley will be of some interest to Faldal.

Councilor Leveton intones that the harvest festival will be well received given the bounty (giggle) and plans are well underway. Recovering her composure she inquires on the status of the Rezbin’s request of founding a hamlet in the Narlmarches. The Council has greanted provisional land grant. The Resbin’s will govern their enterprise until such time it becoms part of Viridi.

Terseuk, an agent of Faldal, reports a number of reports from husbands. They talk of their loved ones suddenly changing their behavior. The superstitious among them speak of foul spells either placed on their spouses or themselves. Teseuk doesn’t put much stock in it. It’s more likely these "ladies " have run off with the new men that seem to arrive every day, as they don’t reek of manure!

Grand Diplomat Verasisi has received word from Brevoy that efforts in the Hooktongue Slough and the Nomen Heights have made progress. However to date he knows of no formal settlement established by the Iron Wraiths. He wishes to dispatch envoys to the Varnhold in the Nomen Heights, Drelev Demesne in the Hooktonque Slough and even one far west to the Iron Wraiths in the Glenebon Uplands. His wish is to establish regular diplomatic relations and perhaps future trade relations with these other nation-states.

Lurk, a patrol leader in the Viridi Rangers, provides an update on mite activity on what’s known as the South Road (its known as that south road because it leads from the larger and older Udaren to Newcastle) To date the mites have concentrated on harassing livestock without injury to Viridian citizenry. Patrols have yet to track the mites to their lair but the “raiding” parties have been small and easily taken when trapped.

And finally Warden Akiros Ismort says that the Narthropple Expedition has left City and by all reports the borders of the nation. It is believed that they have struck for the southeast as the settling of the northern areas of the Greenbelt have made things a bit of a bore.

On a side note while “recovering” at the Wyrm Head Inn Azarillus is approached by Lily Teskertin a woman of means and leasure. Lily’s always loved the workmanship of fine elven crafting but has never owned an example of such superb work. She’s heard rumors of an old elven ruin in the southern Narlmarches; if anyone could find the ruins and salvage from them an example of elven workmanship, she would be EVER so grateful…


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