Off the Edge

Darien Log

I punched a man in the face today. He probably deserved it. Then I did it again. We were off looking for this Stag Lord guy and we came across a bush full of these berries some other dude wanted. I went in to get some and was attacked by a swarm of spiders. I knew they were there in the beginning and I felt this was a good time to practice stomping vermin for practice for the Stag Lord. After several fiery stomps, I found the others lighting torches to burn them. The biggest threat were the actual thorns. I believe Faldal was the only one who didn’t come in and play, but that’s ok. I haven’t met many dwarves, but my guess was that he was afraid. He and I always find ourselves getting in spats over the Fey, I just want to hang the one that threw bark in my stew, hang him up, and beat him until candy falls out. That will be at a later date.

After the whole berry thing, I went on looking for the Stag Lord guy, finding this farm where some bandits were raping an pillaging. Everyone seemed so shocked and disgusted by the actions, but they are bandits with a very poor boss. Most bandit leaders at least go and let their men get laid legitimately through taverns and whore houses. We took at them like a pack of lions to a herd of antelope. We decimated them rather quickly. That Az guy is pretty useful. I went around the other side. I’ve noticed I’m a lot faster than normal recently, I was on the other side, beating down bandits before they were even ready. We saved this woman and her daughter who my guess was raped and pillaged. They weren’t the brightest tools in the shed, but I claimed the mother as mine. I will visit there every once in a while and she will make me dinner. There’s nothing like a home cooked meal. That gives me the halfling at Olegs’ and the one in the barn. I hope they don’t expect marriage.

So what ended up happening was we interrogated the bandits. Faldal is a man of words while I am a man of fist. We did make a good team. The man told us everything and I got to pull down his pants and mutilate his privates with a palm strike of acidy painful doom. I wanted him to suffer, but Restinal knocked him out. I don’t like Restinal too much, always ruining the plans. I guess “kill all bandits” is better than making a man who made my woman suffer, even though she wasn’t my woman until afterwards, suffer himself. We ended up bringing him back to conciousness and made him dig graves for him and his buddy. I still think it would have been better if his groin burned during that whole thing, but what can a man do?

Clerics Log: 4 Sarenith 4710
Boggarts, Tatzelwurms, and Unicorns; Oh My!

We have spent an entire month in the wilds, mapping the Stolen Lands. We have come upon many things in our travels. The Fey continue to harass us, even as I lay out nightly offerings to appease them. Darien is the least amused by them. Their initial tampering of his food has rubbed him the wrong way. He regularly states his murderous displeasure with them. I hope he is only full of air with his threats toward the Fey as I would prefer to not be forced to intervene. He is a strong warrior, but would be MAD to force my hand. We came upon the lair of a creature known as Boggart. It was evident that a clan of them was living within the ruins we found upon a marshy fork in the stream. They wanted no outright aggression, but had no wish to involve themselves with us. We will hope that our lack of invasion in their lair will bode well for future relations. We traveled on and encountered another overborne trap, left by the foul trapper whose remains we found so many weeks ago. A strange beast was within the pit that had been laid, the pit causing my comrades to fall in to the pit with the beast! They fought valiantly against the creature, but it was my own quick thinking (and poor climbing skills) that had me upon an overlooking rock and kill the beast with a mighty throw of my Dorn-dergar! Once the beast lay silent, I used Ng’s great powers of healing to flow upon my injured and fallen friends,allowing them to recover and exit the pit. Upon another area of the river, we found a Flotsam collection. Upon searching the debris, we were attacked by Tazelwurms! The beasts were aggressive for sure, but it was soon shown how Oleg was able to overpower one. The two we encountered went down quickly. I am sure that Oleg will be pleased with the trophy. As we traveled toward the end of the wood, we encountered the remains of an old rappers lodge, located in the very spot the map we found earlier in our travel had indicated. A great statue of the God Erastil, the huntsman, towered over the area, the only structure evident to survive the ravages of what ever had laid low the Trappers Hall. Further on we found an area that had been desecrated in some unnatural manner of magic. The only thing left was what seemed to be a horse, untouched by the ravaging plague. Upon closer inspection, we found the beast to be none other than a child on Ng; A unicorn! It had had it’s horn removed, but had been killed by some form of death magic. It’s own body had preserved itself, the magical nature of the unicorn protecting its body and surrounding area even in death. I knew what must be done and quickly discussed a plan of action with the rest of the group. We made a sled, and carried the unicorn back to the Trappers Lodge where we buried it at the feet of the great statue of Erastil. Almost immediately upon the end of the burial ceremony, the land itself seemed to change for the better. It was if a piece of nature itself had been placed back into a long fractured puzzle. It felt good to heal the wood so, and I am sure that Ng an his Children look well upon it. We have since returned to Oleg’s, ready to restock and move on in order to finish the mapping we were tasked to perform so many months ago. The Sword lords are pleased with our progress, but have pushed the point of taking care of the Stag Lord and his bandits once and for all. I imagine his camp cannot be too far from that of the Forrest Bandit camp we found, but there is still much unexplored region to be searched. We will be sure to resupply well, and be ready should we find the feral fiend.

Things have been strange lately...

Our journey has been a long and strange one to date. We have gained and lost friends…we have seen many a man and best fall at our wake…but I can honestly say that I feel in my heart we have always tried to do the right thing. These unexplored lands are not safe for civilized folks; what with the banditry, dangerous creatures, magical monsters, and the like. We truly are making progress and I think one day these lands will be inhabitable for the civilized beings of this realm.

Our most recent adventure saw us come upon the Elk’s Temple. We were attacked by a mystical creature who once slayed reverted to human form. We searched the Temple and took what was left of the beast back to Oleg’s.

In addition to all this, we have been the butt of many a Fey practical joke!

Back at Oleg’s, we discusses our adventure with the Druid. He advised that it was a cursed protector of the temple. He also informed us that the Fey interactions that we had was a positive because the Fey only perform tricks on those they like. I found this odd and am not quite sure I believe it.

I look forward to more searching as I hope to uncover the Stag Lord and put a knife in the heart of this areas banditry for good. We can then look to start to officially improve these lands and make them livable for our brethren.

Clerics' Log : 6 Desnus 4710

Once again we have returned with success back to Oleg’s. We found the Elk’s Temple as described by the Druid X (Name not in Wiki). There we found a beast of a creature, like a giant bear but with sentient intent to kill! We made quick work of the foul beast with only a small amount of casualty to our party. Once the creature had been dispatched, it seemed to change to a human before returning to dust. We searched the Temple and collected the beast’s remains to return to the Druid X. As we traveled through the Wood, we kept having strange occurrences. Loosened saddle straps, Thundering Squirrels and other strange events continued to plague us as we traveled. It has been revealed by Zuri (who revealed his long time suspicions) that we have been on the receiving end of pranks of the Fey kind. Once back at Oleg’s, we spoke with Druid X about finding the temple. He was pleased to know it was cleansed of the beast, whom was a cursed druid protector of the temple prior. He spoke to me of the Fey encounters that we had, and that it was a good sign, these pranks, as it seems the Fey only perform them on those they like. Even I found this strange, being a follower of Ng, and noted to myself to better understand my First World siblings in the future. Druid X also spoke of brokering a peace with the forest Fey, that it would be a benefit to us in the long run. He told us to seek him out if there was ever any assistance he could render to out party; his thanks for our efforts with the temple. Later in the evening, Anando pulled me aside. He spoke his concern over our association with Druid X, as he had committed some questionable acts in the civilized lands, causing his banishment to the Stolen Lands. I assured him that we would keep a way but open mind on the matter. It has come to pass that many of those outside my trusted party have inquired toward the influence I may or may not have with the group. It is my hope that I have garnered a lasting trust amongst us, as I only have the desire for our mutual success and prosperity within my heart. I am unsure whom will become the shepherd of this land once it has been initially tamed. There is still much time for Ng to test me, and maybe he will be able to show me a path.

Clerics' Log : 24 Gozran 4710
A new ally.

We now have a new ally in our quest of taming this land. We came up upon a large group of bandits harassing a plain clothed man, while we were in the Narlmarches woods. He was a stalwart fellow, giving not an inch to the brigands. As we rode in to lend aid, he began handing the Bandits their arses in flurry of movement! We engaged the rest of the Bandits and ultimately defeated them, capturing their leader to boot. The flurrious fellow was gravely injured during the battle, but I allowed Ng’s power to flow through me, healing him and many of our comrades. The feisty fellow calls himself Darien Ourwick, a fighting monk of the Four Winds School. He spoke of owing an honor debt for his rescue. I explained that there is no debt, but I understood about honor. He has chosen to join us in our efforts to wrest the chaos from this land. We now continue on our way to map the Woods, and maybe come across one of the reputed Gold Mines we ave heard tale of. The leader of the bandits had a Stag Lord pendant. I fear we will need to look into stopping that fiend, sooner than later. When I return to Oleg’s, my new tome should have arrived. The ancient book should help me complete my studies in magical fabrication. We are very isolated out here, and I feel that we will need the assistance of magical devices that will be difficult to find. We have been increasing out wealth steadily, and it should be invested properly in order for us to all succeed.

Clerics' Log : 18 Gozran 4710

It is refreshing that creatures others may look at as evil and vile are capable of reason. We made contact with the Soot Scale Kobolds with the help of their clan member we rescued from the Mites. Chief Sootscales was quite amiable to hear our proposal, and agreed to ally with us under the charter guidelines, in return for the Idol we found at the mite lair. It seems that they believed it held sway over the clan in the hands of Tartuk, their shaman. No sooner that the received the totem, the chief destroyed it and the clan turned on Tartuk, killing him. We were given anything that was taken by Tartuk, which included Svetlana’s ring! Things seem to be turning around for us as all of this was achieved without (much) violence and with careful thought and planning. Praise Ng! On the return to Oleg’s, we explored a bit and found a strange area not too far from Bokkens’. It was a terrible area of littered remains, centered around a stone. We dared not maintain our presence their, as we needed to get back to Oleg’s and re-fit for further exploration. We keep in mind that the Stag Lord is still to be dealt with. Our path is certain, but the outcome of adventure is unclear. Soon we will see what it will bring.

Clerics' Log : 13 Gozran 4710
Mightier than expected mites......

We almost met Ng yesterday! The Mites may not have been very much of a challenge out in the open, but in a confined space they can be deadly! None of us were expecting a gargantuan centipede to be a guardian. We were fortunate that it was confined to such a small area, otherwise we may have been fertilizing that tree. Even though the leader fled and escaped, we can declare a hard won victory. The lighting of this cavern has revealed a limitation within the others of the party, no Darkvision. I will suggest that the others invest in Ioun Torches as soon as possible, small cost for a torch you need not carry in your hand. I will inquire to Oleg as soon as we are back to do so. The interrogation of the captured Kobold proved to be fruitful. Apparently their leader, Chief Sootscales, is being extorted by the Clan Shaman, a Kobold by the name of Tartuk. Tartuk is using the threat of a yellowing sickness that will overcome the tribe if the “game” is not proliferated. It is my suspicion that the Sorcerer/Shaman is using his magic to inflict some effect if his will is not obeyed. I believe we should attempt to negotiate with the Chief in ridding him of the Shaman and his need for the “game”. If we bring him the totem we found, it may be possible to deal directly with the Shaman and avoid any further bloodshed. In return, we would want the tribe to follow our law. We shall see what comes of it.

Mite Lair

Mite Lair

! 243)!

Not sure why that’s not working (Fixed a link to it – Bart). But I added the image as a map too.

Top space: Workshop, other than a pair of make shift ctapults made of twigs and bones, nothing found.

next down:
The wet-looking floor of this large cavern is crisscrossed by several shallow trenches, each containing trickles of putrid looking fluid. Six foul mounds of compost and dung lie heaped
about the room, each studded with small spherical eggs. You need to tcare of 3 giant centipedes there and then destroy the eggs of the others.

Bottome row, left to right:
THe totured kobold and his dead friends. “takesies” seems to have become mighty rough!

Chasm: nada

Next space: Rows of wooden pegs line the earthen walls, some hung with tiny, filthy cloaks. In the center of the room stands a rickety table held together with twine, covered with a filthy redchecked tablecloth and heaped with mounds of dirt and twigs and gravel, apparently arranged to form some sort of map. (knowledge grography check please) Sitting at the edge of the map, weighing down a scrap of paper, is a bloodstained ivory statuette of what looks like a crouching reptilian devil. A bulging burlap sack sits under the table.

The paper weighed down by the statuette is an accounting of the status of the war, as defined by key pieces of stolen treasure. Written in charcoal in Undercommon, the paper consists of two columns, one labeled “Us” and one labeled “Them.” The “Us” column lists only two things: “kobold statue” and “lots of spears and coins.” The “Them” column lists “magic dust,” “lots of coins” and “shiny human ring.”

The burlap sack contains the mites’ treasure, much of which has been looted from slain kobolds. Within are 12 Small spears, 193 cp, 120 sp, and 32 gp.

Final space: This damp room is haphazardly cluttered with broken beds, chairs, wagon wheels, and an assortment of worn, tattered, dingy, and broken objects pilfered or salvaged
from big folk. A row of bookcases stands crookedly propped against the far wall, the shelves filled with bits of bone, feathers, and dried centipede legs. Old window frames, cracked and splintered, hang upon the wall like works of fine art.

Griant whiptail centipede rendered.

Clerics' Log : 9 Gozran 4710
Not so mighty mites......

This evening , Zuri and I were assaulted by a gang of the mites that reportedly stole from the bandits. They took a cowardly approach from the shadows, but Zuri’s acute senses detected their impending treachery. We battled them fiercely and with great effect, as their piercing darts did strike home (note to self, look for some lighter armor for sleeping in) their effects were not threatening. They made strange faces at us during the conflict. It must have been something they ate, for it only made them more tantalizing to crush with my Dorn-Dargar! I felled a full 4 of them, with Zuri only getting one and a half; the half we later interrogated. With help from the ever benign Ng, I was granted the power to speak to the little blue knot (who spoke a variant of undercommon, a language I should have known). He stated there were 10 or so others in the tree burrow that was revealed to us by the bandits. They have a “strong” leader that rides some sort of large insect. They call the stealing of property and kidnapping of others as the “Takesies Game”. Apparently they had recently ripped off a local Kobold tribe, like the ones we had encountered, and taken a prisoner and an Idol that the scales seem to worship. We explained how we were vassals of a “Great King” who forbade in participation of the “Game”. He seemed to hear our words and even placed question into our enforcement of our laws. We could not, by logical definition, restrain this creature from going about its’ business as it violates the “No Takesies” rule that we wish to bind it by. In the light of this strangely effective argument from a creature that cannot count his own digits with accuracy, we compromised to let him leave our charge. He agreed to hold up in a hiding spot half way between the camp and his clan’s burrow. We collected some “food” for it to stay there for 5 days, allowing us ample time to confront his leader. It will be interesting to see if we are able to subjugate the “native” creatures in this region in a peaceful manner to our laws. Can Kobolds be reasoned with? I would never have known a Mite could be.

Az Journal Entry

Wow, what excitement. This is even better than I could have possibly imagined. We have already seen a lot of action on our journey. We thought the gypsy rouse was the worst thing that could happen to us. To the contrary, our party was close to falling at our last battle at the thieves camp. I was lucky enough to wiggle between the fallen tree’s branches and pull Faldal from harms way. This seemed to turn the tide, as he was able to heal the party. And yet again, Zuri laid to waste the leader of the party with a swift bullet to the neck. It appears he is becoming quite the marksman (if he wasn’t so already). I feel that fortunes have smiled upon us connecting Restinal and I with Zuri and Faldal. While we didn’t all mesh well at first, I truly feel like we are starting to work together well as a team. If we can keep this up, I suspect there could be much gold for all of us in the long run. I am writing this on our journey back to Oleg’s. It’s been a rather uneventful trip thus far. Other than some nice weather and a family of elk that passed us by, we haven’t seen much of anything. Although, I certainly can not complaint about that! My thoughts are filled with trying to create a strategy to take down the Stag Lord using his alcohol that he is expecting. However, I don’t know if as a team we are quite ready for that, in spite of our working better together. To embark on such an ambitious quest is a charge better suited for a team that has worked together a LITTLE longer. Lord knows we have enough to keep us busy where we are now; what with all the exploration left and more pressing, we know that the mites have Olegs lovely wifes ring. Something tells me we will cover a bit more ground before trying to tangle with the stag lord. And I can’t say that that is a bad idea at all.


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