Off the Edge

Inter Session

Azarilliusand Restinal saddle up and with some words of encouragement face the ride back to Oleg’s while Faldal Glandar and Zuri set up camp in the former bandit camp.

Clerics' Log : 6 Gozran 4710
mmmmmm, Bacon!

Well that Bokken is a real character I’ll tell ya. Crazier than a Bullette in a lake! His healing potions are rock solid though. I don’t think we would be here today if we hadn’t bought a number of them. We walked right into the waiting arms of that Kressel and her gang. We were as good as pincushions being in the wide open like that. Probably more of my fault though, horses and Dwarves do not make a quiet match! It was the best I could do to get that mist up to keep them from laying us low. That Zuri though, he sure knows how to make an impression on the enemy. If we can follow up better on his explosive entrances, we will be most formidable indeed! Az and Restinal performed admirably in the face of such an unexpectedly accurate foe. I only wish I could have done more for Restinal, he deserved better aid from me. Az saved my bacon (mmmmmm, bacon…..) allowing us to turn the tide of the battle. We rest for now and make plans on getting back Oleg’s goods to him, as well as the flora that Svetlana wanted us to find. 250 gold credit with Oleg will go a long way toward outfitting ourselves for this grand journey ahead. I feel we must follow up on some of the more lucrative leads before trying to handle the Stag Lord. Drunken as they say, I am sure he will still be a tough fight. I like the Az’s idea of “delivering” the booze to him in a ruse to get in close. I feel it may work to our advantage. Getting back Svedlana’s ring I believe is of grater importance though, as a 1000 GP credit with Oleg will help us better outfit the rest of the party for the Stag Lord fight (maybe a curing wand perhaps?). We will have to see what avails us with those “mites”. Gonna have to have Az and Zuri do some research on them before we go there, and a stop a Bokken’s for more healing. That reminds me, I need to get with Oleg about brining in some barrels of ale…..

Clerics' Log : 1 Gozran 4710

The Green Belt ….the final frontier……

It was good be once again in battle! Showing up those bandits went well, even if one did get away. The troup peformed well for our first real scuffle. I have to say that Zuri impressed me with his catching of Happs Bydon , I thought he had escaped us for sure. After striping and selling all of the bandit’s gear, we should be able to fund our explorations more effectively. I wasn’t sure we would ever see Oleg “happy”, but I am almost sure I saw him smile as he strung up the felons outside of the post. Now we just need to track down his mistress leader Kressle; I am sure it will not be an easy task. I believe I will speak to Oleg about how we came to be here, as I feel he may have mistaken our arrival for that of others he was expecting. I do not want any doubts to be in his mind of our intentions, and feel that honesty is our best policy. We will attempt to meet with the hermit Bokken after we have dealt with the remaining bandits. I do have concern over this “Elk Lord” that Happs mentioned. I feel his acquaintance will soon be met, more violently than he would most likely prefer. I will have to put in an order for ale with Oleg now that our coin is flowing. One can’t think quickly on one’s feet while the mind is worried over one’s supply of ale…..

Clerics' Log : 5 Pharast 4710
June 13th, 2012

Well we finally got that no good Constable. After Captain Hannis Drelev put Zuri in the hoosegow for being involved with our foolish “Gypsy Scheme”, we were fortunate to have been given 24 hours to prove our case to the Captain and save Zuri’s neck. I have to say that it was worth the ale put in to Payday for his lead on the Sassoon Bush that Kreed had stumbled out of next to Farmer Vade’s home. With the Headmistress verifying that cuttings from that bush would yield a very potent contact poison,it was the break we needed. Following that, the good natured/“light trouser” store keep supplied us with a record of Kreed’s Purchase of a small camping cook-set (perfect for providing a small controllable flame for the creation of the contact poison) and Till’s information on the unwanted advances the Leader of the deceased group toward Peaches, was all we needed to obtain a warrant to search the Boar. We not only found a dried leaf from the bush under one of the beds, but the discovery of a book in the sitting room with a page marked explaining the toxicity of the Sassoon Bush was the straw that broke Peaches’ ever-plump back. She confessed to assisting Kreed with his plan to kill the Adventuring group with the contact poison, and gave him up without much fuss swearing it was all Kreed’s idea. Kreed is now headed for the gallows, Zuri has been cleared, and now we have an even greater boon! The Captain turned over the Writ that Zuri was to deliver to our group! Ng must be watching over us for such an exploratory experience to be revealed to us. Now we have the law on our side,and we are to settle the lands of the Greenbelt. Off we go to Oleg’s Trading Post! ( I will need to bolster my Ale reserves for this trip……)

Cleric's Log: Sun Date ............

What a disastrous day. If the ale this morning hadn’t been so refreshing, the day would have been a total loss. The greatest regret I have is for not maintaining a steel mind and commitment to conscience. That blasted “Gypsy Ruse” was a poor plan, and I should have never participated in the deception of legal land owners. After everything, not only is the constable rushing us out of town before we can further investigate this recently uncovered plot involving a quick death by a slow killer, but Ms. Peaches won’t say word one to me directly. Alas, I feel that I have especially let down our new comrade, Zuri. He puts up a hard shell, but like a snail (cooked in drawn butter with a hint of bitter root and….mmmmm) is more likely soft and ambiguously focused on the inside, in need of a direction. I feel that I can help him, as the great Ng has shown me the way of thought in my traveling, revealing to me an ever increasing evolution of my own path. Tomorrow I will offer atonement for my transgressions to Ng by giving oath to travel back with him to return his charge, to give aid during the travel. I will follow regardless of his answer, as atonement is a serious matter, and must be followed through regardless of mortal circumstance. Maybe I can convince him to travel through the other farmer’s land….just to put an eye to it. Of the other two, they seem well-natured but also misguided. If Zuri says no to my offer, maybe they will follow with me to atone as well. The both seemed to desire his approval as well. Now, where is my flagon…..?

Dear Father

( In an ongoing and unchecked act of bereavement, Restinal makes daily updates in a journal entitled “Dear Father”, in an attempt that his life-giver could give him aid and council from the great beyond. After the words are written, Restinal tears the pages from the journal and promptly burns them, leaving no paper trail behind. This is the most recent entry into the journal…)

Dear Father,
What a mess we have made of things today! In a less than well planned attempt to discover who and why 3 adventurers were murdered (And I am sure they were), Az and myself have alienated ourselves amongst this humble community, and have seemingly made enemies out of the local Constable. The Gunslinger whom we encountered in town trusts us about as far as one can toss a drunken dwarf (And seeing how we have recently befriended one, that might be a fun undertaking). But the Gunslinger, Zuri, is a messenger with the Swordlords, and seeing as how Az and I are looking to be in their esteemed employ, I need to find a way gain his trust. Gods and hell, the Gypsy Ruse!
In an effort to bridge two gaps, I made an impassioned attempt to the Constable so to explain what we have unearthed thus far in our own murder investigation, but the man’s gaze seems to only go as far as Peaches’ plums! What a rash fool! All my words ended up buying us is an escorted trip from the village. However, I did convince the Constable to chaperon us while we apologized to the farmer’s wife for our intrusion. Mayhap we aren’t finished with this town after all. Alas, the night has come and my bed awaits. Till next time father, may you ever sit at the head of the great table while the almighty fills your cup.


3-4 Pharast 4710

Please use this section to write the story from the chacter’s point of view. More than one character’s point of view would be interesting. It doesn’t have to be a long entry. Think of it as the video confession booth for the “Rolled Together” reality RPG show! I’ll try to use it to key off or modifiy my content as needed and I think it will make the game more fun. I’ll use the title to mark the passing of game time.


Toilday. Zuri arrives. Faldal, Restinal & Az are staying at Boar.

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Thistle Creek lies along the road west from Restov on the southern border of Rostland. It’s at this point that the road splits. Perhaps that’s a strong term. The road bending ever south on its westward course from Restov turns northerly at Thistle Creek to run across the Rostland Plains and into New Stetven. The “fork” is a trail with little used wheel ruts to either side that leaves town to the west. Somewhere beyond you assume it disappears into the Greenbelt. The Greenbelt being neither Brevoy nor the River Kingdom’s domain is part of a larger tract referred to as the Stolenlands. Stolen from who and by whom is a matter of perspective in common opinion but many hold that Rostland bears fair claim to it dating back before Choral the Conqueror forced the uniting of Issia the northern neighbor of Rostland and Rostland itself. Reflecting upon the roads terminus with Lord Noleski Surtova, a house in Issia that surrendered to Choral, claiming the Dragonscale Throne of Brevoy and Suzerain of New Steten, on one end and the Aldori Swordloards of Restov at the other its easy for you to place credence in rumors of upstart nations in the Stolenlands financed by Brevoy. It makes sense that The Swordlords would need allies and resources to bolster their position lest their titles and lands be seized as easily as House Surtova disappeared!

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