Off the Edge

Whoa....That was close...

“Death smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back.”

No doubt, throughout the annals of time and history, that quote will be misattributed to some other man; But let it be known that on this night…the night that I, Lord Azarillius almost lost his life, I smiled back at the evil Fey Grimstalker and his Assassin Vine who attempted to cut my life short. They would have succeeded too if not for my great friend Faldal. He always has my back, and for that I am forever grateful.

My ears could not believe what they would soon hear about a tawdry and licentious seductress who manipulated my comrades with the shaking of her hips. Apparently she stood atop the center tower of the fort and used her wiles and magic to make Zuri and Kel all but useless. My cat, try as he might, could not damage the harlot, so he took to a common house cats trick, and tripped her up…this caused the three of them to tumble down the stairs, but nevertheless caused the trance to be broken!

This adventure was doomed from the start, when Faldal was trapped into getting separated from us at the gate. Alas, I was the last party member to gain entry via a rope and grappling hook over the wall. It resulted in us, yet agayne, being split up as a party, which none of us supports. I guess you can never really plan for true battle regardless of how many times you prepare.
A strange and speedy creature of unknown origins but I suspect Fey like his two counterparts, was running all over the place, stabbing us with what can only be described as a common pin needle. He escaped our wrath and his whereabouts is unknown today. I liked Faldal’s plan to lock him in the tower, but I had a bad feeling that he being familiar with this location, would find a way out…and indeed he did.

Our team was truly tested today…both in physical battle and in spirit. We almost met our makers today, especially yours truly. I can only hope we learn from this experience and continue to improve as we have over the last great years of knowing each other. When we return to the Kingdom, we should hold a meeting on future tactics and perhaps have some training sessions with Akiros as he seems like a man fit and becoming of a military strategist.

Now, I must get out of this makeshift hospital bed and join my brothers by the fire. I only hope Faldal hasn’t drank all the ale!


<faldal> “What beer?”

Whoa....That was close...
Trundell notrekane

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