Off the Edge

Second Chance: The Ultimate Mulligan: Arodus 4714

It seemed like a thousand years had passed and yet it happened all in the blink of an eye…That doesn’t make any sense, I know. But how many people can actually die and still ponder the experience as that of a living person.

I am still rattled and in shock. I am even more amazed we are pressing onward; Faldal insists we cannot return from whence we came, and I trust him with my life so I am agreeing to press on…I suppose we are low on options at this point. After all, I did die in the room below us right now. Perhaps I am still not back in my right mind to wish to return to it after all.

My vision is still slightly blurred and my ears are ringing…I can still hear the clash of what sounded like every shield from our very own Till’s forge being dropped from the tower of the Staghold. And while I know it’s only my mind, my lungs still sting from the foul alchemical fumes I experienced while no longer of this Earth. I know it sounds mad, but all I can clearly recall is having my hands clenched tightly around a black ship’s wheel…seated upon a pleated leather couch…in my view, I could make out this large sheet of glass webbed with cracks…I would have to believe the cracks were caused by the impact of my skull given the blood trickling down from my forehead. In the distance, beyond the cracks, steam obscured the other metal carriages I impacted…The final image I saw before awakening, was on the floor to my right, a bright red treasure chest spilling half a dozen steel dirks of all sorts of sizes with colored glass handles…

And then, before I knew what hit me, I was staring at my brother and best friend, Faldal. He has saved my life many times in the past, but this was the first time I can say it and mean it quite literally indeed! Once again, this is why in spite of my hesitations to press on, I will do so, knowing that I can trust my Dwarven companion who I have come to trust more than a brother.

Once I was on board with the plan, I helped devised a scheme to allow us to escape the clutches of a demon trap set no doubt by the vile Cyclops warlord Vordakai who we now are likely to come across. We used the teleportation powers of our new Wizard accomplice to get the prisoners out without having to cross paths with said Demon.

I had to laugh, during our strategy where we devised the plan, I was made privy to the fact that our party tried to fight this Demon for quite some time before admitting defeat and realizing they couldn’t best it. My brother Faldal is about as stubborn a warrior as you will ever find…he never wants to admit defeat; but I suppose that is what makes him such a great warrior.

It was also good to see Brother Gordon near, who always seems to be the voice of reason…he was quick to get on board with the plan. And of course Darpan, who acted in a key part of our plan, scouting out the exit strategy and giving us the high sign when it was safe to teleport.

I suppose the best news we have, other than me no longer being dead, is that we found the missing Centaur. This was very important to us as hopefully this will allow us to be diplomatic with the centaur clan moving forward. Perhaps they can see we are good men…men of reason…and we can surely benefit from a mutually beneficial alliance of respect. But, as always, I am getting ahead of myself…as I sit here staring this door in the face, I have to smile at the irony of me calling Faldal stubborn… I don’t know many men who if they were given a 2nd chance at life would ever agree to storm back into the field of battle so soon, if ever again…but after all, I don’t think many men get hat second chance. (Shoulder blocks the door open at that exact moment)


Trundell Trundell

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