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Return of the Baron (1 Rova 4713)

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Taking a direct route home, crossing the fetid swamps of the Murque River and the sparser east edge of the Narlmarches, the leaders of Viridi return to Newcastle. Still scratching at bites and rashes despite a long hot soak they assemble in council chambers for the business of the realm:

General Garess reports that training in arms progresses well and that his squads trained in skiffs in anticipation of confronting Lizardfolk. He’s relieved to learn that the Baron’s requested preparations are not currently needed but concedes they are proper lessons for a nation of so much water.

High Priest Kavken repots that Erastil’s favor has brought many healthy children after the cold winter and the favorable summer yielded healthy crops that will soon be reaped. In particular he believes the harvest of the Foxtail Barley will be of some interest to Faldal.

Councilor Leveton intones that the harvest festival will be well received given the bounty (giggle) and plans are well underway. Recovering her composure she inquires on the status of the Rezbin’s request of founding a hamlet in the Narlmarches. The Council has greanted provisional land grant. The Resbin’s will govern their enterprise until such time it becoms part of Viridi.

Terseuk, an agent of Faldal, reports a number of reports from husbands. They talk of their loved ones suddenly changing their behavior. The superstitious among them speak of foul spells either placed on their spouses or themselves. Teseuk doesn’t put much stock in it. It’s more likely these "ladies " have run off with the new men that seem to arrive every day, as they don’t reek of manure!

Grand Diplomat Verasisi has received word from Brevoy that efforts in the Hooktongue Slough and the Nomen Heights have made progress. However to date he knows of no formal settlement established by the Iron Wraiths. He wishes to dispatch envoys to the Varnhold in the Nomen Heights, Drelev Demesne in the Hooktonque Slough and even one far west to the Iron Wraiths in the Glenebon Uplands. His wish is to establish regular diplomatic relations and perhaps future trade relations with these other nation-states.

Lurk, a patrol leader in the Viridi Rangers, provides an update on mite activity on what’s known as the South Road (its known as that south road because it leads from the larger and older Udaren to Newcastle) To date the mites have concentrated on harassing livestock without injury to Viridian citizenry. Patrols have yet to track the mites to their lair but the “raiding” parties have been small and easily taken when trapped.

And finally Warden Akiros Ismort says that the Narthropple Expedition has left City and by all reports the borders of the nation. It is believed that they have struck for the southeast as the settling of the northern areas of the Greenbelt have made things a bit of a bore.

On a side note while “recovering” at the Wyrm Head Inn Azarillus is approached by Lily Teskertin a woman of means and leasure. Lily’s always loved the workmanship of fine elven crafting but has never owned an example of such superb work. She’s heard rumors of an old elven ruin in the southern Narlmarches; if anyone could find the ruins and salvage from them an example of elven workmanship, she would be EVER so grateful…


<faldal> “What beer?”

Return of the Baron (1 Rova 4713)
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