Off the Edge

Edrahil Telran: Personal Journal Entry 878

Personal Journal of Edrahil Telran, Journeyman Wizard of the Araluen Academy of High Magic

Entry number 878
After working through an arcane theorem, I have some time again for mundane writings…

The Piscodaemon proved itself a most formidable foe. Without my magicks to tip the odds in our favor, my would-be rescuers were defeated. The demon returned Xamanthe and me to our shackles and then left to whatever vile resting perch it inhabits. Not to be dismayed, the dwarf and humans returned to our chamber to discuss their failure. I apologized profusely for not being my fully capable self because of this fiendish paralysis. It was near this moment that one intrepid adventurer reached into a pack to reveal that they had been carrying a scroll of the Break Enchantment spell, precisely what was needed! I decided against chastising them for this dreadful oversight. Although it was more than warranted when it was revealed to me that they had been carrying a slain comrade right next to a Raise Dead scroll! One certainly cannot chose one’s heroes.

My paralysis was broken with the magic of the scroll and the fallen comrade, a human ranger, or “Baron” as he was called, was returned to life. Hypothesizing that the demon’s orders, usually being most necessarily specific, were to prevent prisoners from traveling down the hallway, I advised the party to traverse the hall without Xamanthe and me. I then drew upon my most skilled conjuration magicks to teleport the centaur and myself into the room down past the hall.

We gathered ourselves in the room and were relieved to not have to continue a demon battle we were destined to lose again. I concentrated upon Mikulas but could not feel him close by. I did not feel worry at this moment, only frustration with his failure to properly alert me to intruders upon our camp. The dwarf was capable of casting location magicks. I thoroughly described my spellbook and it was detected to the northeast but at an elevated position.

The party did not share my urgency to find my spellbook (and other belongings). But we did proceed into one more unexplored room. We were faced with three soul eaters. Luckily they were summoned extraplanar creatures. A simple communal protection from evil spell from one of the clerics allowed us to bypass the creatures without incident. Even so, my new companions, hampered now by their weakened baron, desired to return to their home. They promised to return for my items after they were better prepared. I was unable to sense Mikulas close by during our exit. I postulated that he was no longer within one mile of me. We must have emerged from the mountain on the side opposite of my camp.

Regretfully, we are traveling north without my familiar. I hope this separation does not last as long as the last one.

End of Entry


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