Off the Edge

Edrahil Telran: Personal Journal Entry 873

Personal Journal of Edrahil Telran, Journeyman Wizard of the Araluen Academy of High Magic

Entry number 873
After an admittedly amateurish amount of study lasting only 407 days, I decided to journey from the city-state of Mivon in search of the lair of the silver dragon Amvaren. There have been no reliable sightings of her for over 25 years. She has either perished or become bored with her surroundings and decided to move on. I would find this lair on my own to locate, collect and study her treasure. At the very least, I could recover some lost dragon scales.

Mikulas and I traveled without haste, taking great care to avoid bandits or burdensome creatures. We camped near our final destination for an evening in the Tors of Levenies. Through some extreme stealth or advanced magic, Mikulas failed to guard our campsite. I was taken in my sleep.

I was tormented by nightmares of a glowing red eye speaking to me of the ills he’d planned for my brain. I awoke within a dark cave, shackled to the wall, with my body paralyzed by some unholy magicks. Mikulas, my spellbook and other gear, were nowhere to be seen. All I did see was a fellow prisoner, a centaur woman by the name of Xamanthe.

Unable to teleport or move, I did what I could to speak with Xamanthe to discover anything I could about our surroundings or our captors. Luckily, perhaps, some moderately skilled adventures happened upon my prison chamber. They seemed more interested in rescuing the centaur than me for some reason. But they did manage to free us both from my shackles. Unfortunately, my paralysis did not subside. And they had no methods for which to remove my predicament. Or so we thought… more on this later. The party consisted of two clerics (a dwarf and a human) and a human monk it seemed.

The centaur agreed to carry my limp body upon her back and we started our way out. Our escape was suddenly blocked by a demon. The ride upon the back of the centaur was overly jostling, such that I was unable to immediately identify the creature as a piscodaemon!

End of Entry


Trundell leonard

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