Off the Edge

Dizzying Highs, Terrifying Lows (22 Lamashan 4713)

And I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

Trolls. They had taken a lookout founded out of the cliffs by my dwarven brethren. We thought to have had the drop on them, but the battle turned sour quickly. Our cock sure attitude was what got us into trouble. We were in a bad way and had not even pierced the main entrance! We quickly reconnoitered just outside on the cliff wall, and I was able to get some much needed healing to the group. Once rallied, we took down the remaining entrance guards and their troll dogs. After torching the bodies to assure they remained dead, we quickly came up with a plan of action to root the rest of the brood. With Kel in the lead, then myself, Zuri, Az and Bobcat taking the rear we went room to room looking for more trouble. We found what was left of a halfling on a table. Poor bastard looked like he had a time of it before his end. A quick search of a few more rooms reveled a vast chamber of stores. Wood, cloth and other building implements filled the room, which gave way from the perfect dwarven stone engineering, to a hack job tunnel burrowed out of the rock looking like a giant child had made it. We carefully further explored and cam upon a 3 way tunnel with two more trolls to the north. We jumped into formation and they followed suit as planned, bottle-necking the doorway so Kel could hack away at it, while the others hit is hard from range. We felt we had them where we wanted them, but suddenly a great two headed beast came from the east catching Zuri in a bad spot! Zuri made his way out of the ugly beasts’ grasp, but took many hits from it and the trolls along the way. What seemed to be the leader appeared in the cavern with the two other trolls, but the two trolls seemed to have a great fear of this bi-cranial beast, as they hesitated to assist in the fight against us. Following our plan, we and made a fighting retreat to the far end of the sore room. There we pitched our next battle, with all of us landing enough hits to take the two headed troll down, and the other two trolls just on its heels. With a coordinated attack we set the store room ablaze, arresting the trolls healing ability in the process. After securing the rest of the structure, the blazing storeroom as our temporary guard, we decided to head back into the tunnels. I used my divine abilities and cleared a safe path through the flaming storeroom with summoned water. It was not long before we found an intersection that exposed the lair of the leader and another troll variety we had never seen. This new creature looked as if it were made of stone itself. Fortunately our tactics felled the great beast swiftly. Not a moment after we dropped the stone beast, the leader gathered a magic bead and threw it upon our location. the bead exploded with fiery force that sent us reeling. I used more divine power to bolster out party’s health. We then Charged the leader, with Az leading the charge. In moments we had it surrounded and soon in many pieces. We bathed it and the other rock troll in fire to staunch their healing powers. Using my knowledge of healing, I observed that the rock troll did not seem to have the same weakness to fire the others did. I only had one other option in our alchemical arsenal; Acid. With one application, it was obvious that it did share it’s brethren’s weakness for Acid, to our luck of course. We cleared the rest of the complex, and in doing so discovered a map of the green belt with our cities and settlements marked for attack! There were many Fey locations that were marked as well, but to be left alone. This was most curious,and I planned to take this information up with our Fey allies in the forest.

Outside of the few setbacks in the beginning, the group wan on a high of success. Routing the Trolls meant another threat to our kingdom was put down, and we could return to New Castle as victors. Someone was out for us though, the map made that clear. I had hoped to do some research on the matter. Then we saw it; smoke on the horizon. New Castle had been razed.

The destruction was vast and unfathomable. Fields burned, homed destroyed, but the worst loss was intolerable. The Town hall had been set to ruin, but the most devastating shock was the loss of the Castle itself. Our crowning trophy of the Stag Lord’s defeat and the prosperity of our kingdom laid in ruin. It was hours before we could get any of the commoners to speak of the incident as most were in shock from the attack. Finally, some came to their senses long enough to tell us what had transpired. A Giant Owlbear, armored and frenzied had smashed its way thorough the forest and into New Castle leaving a wake of decimation in its path. The trail through the forest was so blatant that a newborn elf could have followed the trail. An ARMORED Owlbear. They do not don fabricated protection on their own. Whomever made the map at the Troll lair was behind this, of that I am sure. Trolls are never that organized, not for raiding parties that purposely avoid Fey settlements. If anything they would target the Fey with a preference I would think. Regardless, we will rest and re-supply, garner aid to the people, and then head out in search of this creature and it’s master. I am generally one of even tone and rational action, but not today. We will bring this mysterious attacker to justice; street justice. Soon we will reveal ourselves to the enemy. Soon we will have our revenge.


Trundell Trundell

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