Off the Edge

Darpan's last Thoughts Pt1

I'm lost and I'm found

It was with unblinking eyes that the horror befell Darpan. He had been struck with paralysis early in the battle when he closed upon the massive fetid Cyclops. Its ruby eye glowed with an evil that pierced Darpan’s soul and he had to wait helpless.

At first his comrades routed the undead atrocity called Vordakai. A Cyclops wizard so devoted to evil that his soul lay trapped in his rotting body. A body the fled at first only to return with renewed vigor. From the false god’s thrown he had to watch as it returned and claimed his friends one by one. The Elf had escaped. Or so Darpan assumed as Vordaki cleared the pool of the headless corpses to replace them with him and his allies. No expressions could be read upon their faces but he assumed, nay knew that their resolve to face their destiny would be as strong as his. He’d not quiver even if he could.

Vordakai sat in his throne and spoke to them in a booming and dusty voice. What he spoke of Darpan could not tell but his tale was long. Was that the word Styx he heard or was that just the memory of the Chapel of the Horsemen that brings it to mind?

Hours passed until he roused from his throne and went to his study. Vordakai returned with a massive tome and pen. He studied the group knelt around the pool. Baron Azarillius, Councilor Faldal, Father Gordon. The Baron and Councilor he held in high esteem and welcomed the opportunity to travel with them as a reward for returning Treasurer Svetlana Ogleton. But it was Father Gordon to whom he held the most respect.

When he had come to the village Fen on the shores of Lake Candlemere he was filled with a hate and vengeance for the man that struck down his teacher. A man that wore a hideous stag skull crown and called himself the Staglord. But it was Brother Gordon that informed him that the target of his hatred had been eliminated by the leaders of a new nation. Seeing his heart laid in confusion over this it was Father Gordon that lead him back to purpose and it was Father Gordon Darpan followed into the service of the Viridi Guard when they came through on the mission to rescue Svetlana.

It was also Brother Gordon that he travelled with through the saturated reality of the First World. The realization of Father Gordon’s fate weighed him more so than his own.


Trundell Trundell

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