Off the Edge

Darpan's Last Thoughts Pt 2

I smell like I sound

Darpan was lucky, in a way, as he was chosen first he’d need not watch his companions fall victim to the Lich. This occurred to him as he heard the abomination shuffle up behind him. As its claws pierced the skull they deftly curved to the underside of plate. A seam welded by decades of growth yielded at the precision of the effort. Darpan felt the return of his faculties as quickly as he felt the shudder of death pass over his body. A body that he now looked down upon. There was the hole in his head. And there was the wide eyed companions looking upon his body. A body that lay three feet below his swooning perspective.

His eyes rolled back and a flood of memories flowed over him. His youth wasted, his arduous training, the loss of his teacher, the travels in the First world. But “Wait” said a booming voice in his head. Or well may be it boomed in his soul? Where ever he was the voice sounded throughout him. “Wait, this one has two lives within it. I’ve not seen this before” the voice reverberated.

A second set of “memories” flowed across Darpan’s mind. So rapid it was as if he was watching some witches caldron display out a future he’d never have yet had paid 8 copper to see. Birth, playing, sitting in rows with others as the witch spoke, a trip in a carriage far away to meet friends. But then the end jerked into his vision. It was that smooth white ceiling from a prior dream, and to the right hung sagging glass jars of fluids on a steel curling wizard’s staff. To bottoms of the jars were connected flexible glass tubes ending in painful darts attached to his wrist. All this from an earlier dream, he attempted to sit up but swooned and listed off the narrow bed. The great belt at his waist brought the bed down upon him.

His cheek now pressed against the smooth cold floor, he could make out the alarmed voices of men. A hunger struck him. Eat or die dominated his thoughts and with shaking arms he raised himself up. Then as one of the men had pushed his head through the window it was this hunger that drove Darpan to bring his teeth upon the man’s neck. And then Darpan was no more.


Trundell Trundell

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