Off the Edge

Clerics Log: Supplemental (Erastus 4712)

Crazy Humans

It has been an eventful few months. Establishing a new kingdom, rationing its resources, and establishing a BREWERY! We recently dispatched some unpleasant business, but more on that later.

One month ago we were told of a blight, similar to what we encountered near the hunting lodge, that was creeping from the south. We left to investigate. When we arrived in the area we came upon an enraged group of loggers that were harassing a Nixie and her grove. Azeralius and Zuri attempted to parlay with the humans, but they would have nothing of it. They held no respect for the Fey and their co-existence in the kingdom. Tress were trees to those ignorant humans. They chose conflict over compromise. They chose their own ends. In an effort to right the injustices inflicted upon the Nixie’s grove, we went to a Dryad not a day’s travel from the Grove. She was also having affect from the blight, but was able to steer us toward the cause. An evil planar creature, a Scythe Tree, was proliferating decay and death throughout the forests. We sought it out and had battle with the foul creature. With the help of a summoner that we had sought out guidance at court earlier that month (looking to slay a troll) we defeated the foul beast and returned the forest to verdant form. The Dryad pledged assistance to our kingdom and awarded us with the tools to restore the grove of the Nixie. The Grove restored, the Nixie also pledged her allegiance with assisting the kingdom. IT felt food to help those of the first world. Ng would approve.

Upon return to Udaren we encountered a band of gnomes that were having some issues with crossing a section of the river. We lent assistance and again had a less than desired parlay. They were proclaimed to be in search of an abandoned Dwarven homestead to loot. Their leader, a selfish overbearing and under qualified lout, would have few words with us, although I cannot blame him for Darien did cause an incident to further sway their disfavor. Zuri acted in his station and placed Darien under order, but this seemed to ultimately stain Darien’s link to the party. He left without any words. I can only hope he finds that which we could not provide and can ultimately come to peace with the forest fey. We allowed the Gnomes to pass after close scrutiny. We will see them again, I have no doubt.

Even after these hurdles to the kingdom’s stability were overcome, we encountered even more strife once we returned home. It was found that many deaths had occurred with a great loss of livestock due to some feral marauding beast. We discovered evidence of a werewolf at play, and a new ally. A shaman riding a “Large Bird” he called Layla (do not call it a chicken for he is quite sensitive about it) was in pursuit of the very beast we were tracking. his knowledge of the Lycanthope was deep, and as our current goals were in line, we agreed to join our minds and blades in finding the creature.

We investigated many avenues of suspect, ultimately finding the knowledge of a strange tribesman entering town in the time frame of the killings. We formulated a plan to wait him out at the Stag Tap, where he was frequenting in the early afternoon to drink of his insanity. The wait provided no showing of the suspect, but revealed much lore from the tavern patrons. We then decided to form a patrol, where I, in hindsight, poorly suggested to split up in order to locate the beast. It was the last of the full moon cycle and I feared that it would kill again without being confronted. It did kill again, and it confronted Kel and myself! It was quicker than anything I had encountered before, as it rushed me and struck a staggering blow with it’s great-axe! Kel, in his disturbing yet formidable “Ghost Beast” form, stood toe to toe with the beast. I was barely able to get to a church steeple in an attempt to alert the others to our need of aid. I placed some healing on each of us after the bell had been sounded only to find that I could not heal Kel in his form. I was able to bring the blessings of Ng upon our battle, and suppress the fighting prowess of the werewolf long enough for Kel to bring the beast down. I would have preferred to attempt to cure the creature of it’s obvious affliction, but that is difficult to achieve while it is trying to gut you!

We shall see where this path leads our group and the kingdom. We have prevailed in so much, yet failed in so many other ways. Maybe we will find greatness in our new ally. Only time will tell.


Trundell Trundell

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