Off the Edge

Cleric's Log: (14 Sarenith 4713)

A kingdom grows.

We have had great success in the development of the Kingdom. We finally were able to claim the Stag Lord’s fallen home as our castle, and create the new capital of the Kingdom! Newcastle is already growing, and we have expanded in the North West for farmland to feed out growing nation. All of our kingdom is now connected with roads, creating even more prosperity. We have been able to maintain the council even with the loss and shameful turn of Darien. After our encounter with the Werewolf, I had intentions of speaking with Kel about seeking a post on the council. His actions in defense of the city and myself place him in an honorable light. Unfortunately he has gone off with the new comer, Dryas, and been gone for many months.

While the kingdom was growing, there came report of a Worg beast that had been attacking bandits and hunters alike. I wish we could have talked the beast into just staying after the bandits, but it was it’s destiny to adorn the message post in town (and 1200 gold in our pockets!). We continued on through the west and then back around the South West in order to better chart the lands around the new capital. We came upon an ancient burial mound of barbarian ancestry. There was evidence of a previous visitor in the last few months, one that had already found what ever rewards were entombed here. After searching the tomb thoroughly, Zuri and Az were able to better identify the goings on of the previous visitor. There were tracks of a large avian creature and the evidence of the use of a gunpowder cartridge that Zuri called “Dragon’s Fire”. We suspect that possibly our new acquaintance, Dryas, may have been the previous visitor, as the tracks are identified as from a creature exactly like the mount he rides.

As we route back to Newcastle for court, it is my hope that Kel and Dryas arrive back into the realm. There is much danger in the uncharted parts of our kingdom, and their assistance in our explorations is appreciated. I would like to have that talk with Kel about the council. I am also curious to debrief Dryas on what transpired at the Ancient Barbarian Burial Mound, and what they found on their travels through OUR kingdom.


Trundell Trundell

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